Prospects for openness

Diversity and critique of discrimination in museums

16.03. - 17.03.2023

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16.03. - 17.03.2023


Museumsakademie Joanneum

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Nordico Stadtmuseum, Linz (AT)


200 €, reduced fee 150 € (The reduced fee is available to students, trainees, unemployed people, and employees of this year’s cooperation partners.)

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Processes of opening up on all levels—in terms of staff, programmes, and audiences—are currently a key agenda item of those museums wishing to redefine their mission and relevance in the context of heterogeneous societies. In view of the demographic realities, new structural approaches and strategies to curatorial and educational work are to be discussed as part of Prospects for Openness. In the workshop, we will explore what avenues and possibilities are available to museums for overcoming social exclusion and discrimination. Who needs to be on board and what knowledge is required to open up museums? What topics and formats make it possible to involve a more diverse audience, one that reflects society? What methodical and theoretical approaches can we use? How can we initiate processes of institutional transformation? The workshop is designed to delve deep into the different aspects of diversity and the critique of discrimination and to reveal opportunities for action on the basis of practical examples. The aim is to enable participants to take a critical look at their own institutions and projects in terms of diversity and to further develop and evolve approaches for their own practice. 

Asma Aiad Artist, co-founder of Salam Oida, initiator and curator of Muslim*Contemporary, Vienna (AT)
Nadja Al-Masri-Gutternig Art historian and special education teacher, Salzburg Museum, Salzburg (AT)
Chrislane Barros Bomfim da Silva Deputy Chairwoman Jaapo - for the Participation of Black and Women of Colour, Linz (AT)
Wilhelm Binder Artist & team member Queer Museum Vienna, Vienna (AT)
Ljubomir Bratić Philosopher, exhibition curator, collector, Archive of Migration, Vienna (AT)
Kim Carrington The Collective. Critical educational, counselling and cultural work by and for migrants, Linz (AT)
Sarah Feilmayr Designer at MOOI Design, Linz (AT)
Neda Hosseinyar Artist, art mediator and cultural worker, VBKÖ - Association of Visual Artists Austria, Vienna (AT)
Jelena Micić Visual artist/ Artistic Director Wienwoche - Festival for Art and Activism, Vienna (AT)
Denise Palmieri Performer and curator, VBKÖ - Association of Visual Artists Austria, Vienna (AT)
Zafinirina Ramansandratana ep Watterot The Collective. Critical educational, counselling and cultural work by and for migrants, Linz (AT)
Ivana Scharf Managing Director create encounter, Berlin (DE)
Karin Schneider Head of Art Education at the Museums of the City of Linz, Lentos Kunstmuseum and Nordico Stadtmuseum, Linz (AT)


Organisers of the workshop
Elisabeth Bernroitner D/Arts – Project Office for Diversity and Urban Dialogue & Art Social Space Brunnenpassage (AT)  
Ivana Pilić D/Arts – Project Office for Diversity and Urban Dialogue & Inter-university Organization Science and Art (Paris Lodron University of Salzburg and Mozarteum University Salzburg) (AT) 
Karoline Boehm Management team, Museumsakademie Joanneum, Graz (AT)