Become the developer of a fantastic vehicle

About the Spaces Expand Box

When you buy a CoSA Basic Ticket, you will be able to visit eight exciting CoSA spaces, which immerse you in topics relating to science and technology in different ways and you do it yourself without needing a guide:


The CoSA_Experimentarium is a cabinet of wonders full of scientific phenomena and discoveries! You can experience the world of medicine in the CoSA_MedLab.

TheCoSA_Technology space allows you to develop a fantastic vehicle, and the name-giving topic is playfully explored at CoSA_Sustainability. Exciting tasks are waiting to be solved at the CoSA_Workshop. In CoSA_DIY, the name says it all: "Do it yourself”!
You can take a trip far out into space and down to the deep-sea depths at CoSA_Visions: These uncharted worlds will make you feel as if you are experiencing a dream or a vision.

Changing special exhibitions are presented at CoSA_Plus, all showing, among many other things, real practical implementation examples from research and technology.

In addition, CoSA_Community invites you to linger, network, brainstorm or chill, and also offers space for the special events of our cooperation partners, guests from companies or universities. Use our Professions Terminal to find out all about different professions. "Courage pays off!" This is our motto as we invite young entrepreneurs to present their ideas and inventions at CoSA_Community.

Mechanise – Personalise – Realise

Build your own vehicle! At the CoSA_Technology space, you can develop your own vehicle. You will get to know all the technical components needed and how they are used as you do so. Learn about the successes and failures during the exciting process of developing a vehicle first-hand! Get to know the field of bionics and why nature is often the inspiration for technical innovations. As you design your vehicle, you will be called on to think over your own personal needs for mobility and many more important questions. In the Future Chat, you will work together with other visitors to solve questions about the mobility of the future.

This is how much time you will need: 45 minutes
Languages: German, English
Curated by Gerlinde Podjaversek, Jörg Ehtreiber
Design: Ivanova | Haas | Frühmann