About CoSA – Center of Science Activities

Mission Statement

The CoSA – Center of Science Activities is a science centre dedicated primarily to natural sciences and technology, designed for young people of 12 and over.

  • Experience technical and scientific marvels and phenomena
  • “Please touch” rather than “do not touch”

  • Interactive and action-oriented learning

  • Independent exploration

  • Playful experimentation

  • Self-determined learning

  • Lose inhibitions

  • Arouse interest

  • Promote curiosity

  • Transfer knowledge in a carefree manner

At CoSA, we ...

  • help people to overcome inhibitions of deal with complex scientific or technical topics.
  • make topics of science and technology accessible at different levels.
  • get people enthusiastic about science and technology.
  • make science and technology easy to comprehend.
  • motivate people to engage in science and technology with a lasting effect.
  • get people to think in a solution-oriented way and to act responsibly.
  • get visitors to think creatively and to think out of the box.
  • show the target audience how to reflect on issues and challenges.
  • raise awareness of key challenges of the future.
  • get people ready for the future.
  • get young people to opt for careers in science and technology.


CoSA stands for 

  • competence
  • innovation 
  • creativity  
  • open-mindedness
  • communication 
  • responsibility 
  • networking 
  • knowledge transfer
  • social inclusion
  • future