Exit the Mine

Learn more about raw materials and resources in the historic show mine


This is how much time you should take: 60 minutes
Language: German only
Curated by Nikola Köhler-Kroath, Gerlinde Podjaversek, Johanna Blamberger
Design: Tinka Molkenthin
Cost: 99 €/group (2 - 6 persons)
The CoSA Escape Room is booked and paid for online in advance.
Dates: Every Sat and Sun at 1 and 4:30 pm.
Ages 12 and up.

Note on accessibility and for people with claustrophobia:
The originality of the show mine has been preserved, so the conditions on site are cramped and low. Access is only possible via a narrow spiral staircase.

About the Escape Room

CoSA_Escape in the historic show mine deals with resources of yesterday, today and tomorrow. In this new Escape Room, visitors can solve various puzzles and go in search of new resources. In a team of max. 6 people, they have to work their way through three areas of the mine to get back to daylight.

What happened in the mine? Why was it shut down? What was mined there and why? Take on the role of employees of an international energy company to find out what happened in the depths.

Wearing the appropriate work clothes, you solve tricky puzzles and go in search of resources. But only those who combine the right information and codes and crack the door lock can escape the Escape Room and reach daylight.

Have fun and good luck!