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19. and 20.10.2019

At CoSA, there are 13 spaces where you can experience technical and scientific marvels and phenomena in an easy-going atmosphere. Look forward to a variety of interactive games and entertaining topics. Here at CoSA, the rule is “please touch” rather than “do not touch”!

To better plan your visit, all areas indicate how much time you probably need to experience them properly. This way you can always make the best of your stay and have a great time whenever you come to CoSA.

A big programme and numerous events guarantee you can come to CoSA time and again and always be fascinated!


With a CoSA Basic Ticket*, the nine spaces are freely accessible without a guided tour: CoSA_MedLab, CoSA_Experimentarium, CoSA_Technology, CoSA_Sustainability, CoSA_DIY, CoSA_Visions and CoSA_Plus with changing special exhibitions.

In the CoSA_Coding area, you learn more about the wide world of programming or meet experts from the fields of coding and gamification. You might well decide to become a developer yourself!

In addition, CoSA_Community invites you to linger, network, brainstorm or chill, and also offers space for special events of our cooperation partners and special guests from companies or universities. Use our Professions Terminal to find out everything about many different professions. "Courage pays off!" This is our motto as we invite young entrepreneurs to present their ideas and inventions at CoSA_Community. 

For workshops at the Natural History Museum and CoSA on various exciting topics send us your booking request!


In addition to the CoSA Basic Ticket*, you can book a Timeslot Ticket for CoSA_A(R)dventure.

More about A(R)dventure Expand Box

Here, you dive into the world of Augmented Reality and have a choice of three rooms: "Temple of rain", "Aurora Borealis" and "Habitat Red 6". Work with the AR robot H.I.G.G.S. (Hyper Intelligent Guiding Gadget System) to solve tricky tasks and learn step by step all about the causes and effects of climate change.

PLEASE NOTE: Timeslot Tickets (€ 5) and dates for an A(R)dventure must be booked in advance online or paid for at the ticket office BEFORE attending!

What else is there?

When you buy a CoSA Extra Ticket*, even more possibilities open up for you:

In the CoSA_Show, our Explainers perform spectacular experiments for an audience and show how chemistry can be fun and exciting!

The CoSA_Escape Room in a Show Mine explores resources of yesterday, today and tomorrow.

And there are a great many more interesting items on the programme: CoSA offers you workshops and events on a big range of topics – from the advice for a prescientific Matura or diploma paper (Fit for the VWA (AHS) / diploma paper (BHS): advice, tips and tricks for your paper) to coding workshops.

PLEASE NOTE: CoSA Extra Tickets* (€ 5) and dates must be booked in advance online or paid for at the ticket office BEFORE attending!


SPACES Overview

Casually browse the “cabinet of knowledge”
Who is right: Aristotle or Galileo Galilei? Is genetic engineering evil? Do you believe everything you see? What is a high voltage traveling arc?
Discover the world of medical research
Join us on a medical expedition! At the CoSA_MedLab, you can slip into the shoes of a medical professional.
Become the developer of a fantastic vehicle
Mechanise – Personalise – Realise Build your own vehicle! At the CoSA_Technology space, you can develop your own vehicle.
Brainstorm, talk with specialists and so pre-scientific work
Working alone, brainstorming, chilling or networking? Possibly find out what professions could be of interest to you for your future?
Implement your own ideas with craftsmanship and technology
This is how much time you will need: 60 minutes Languages: German, English Curated by Nikola Köhler-Kroath Design: Brian LM – Brian Luque Marcos
Experience state-of-the-art research and technology in exhibitions
Discover examples of current and innovative technological developments in our CoSA_Plus exhibitions.
Join us in amazing, show-stopping experiments
Can science influence your willpower? How high does a fire tornado burn? Can you produce elephant toothpaste? Does a paper clip remember its shape?
Dream and envision in outer space and in the deep sea
Up high and down low: Your journey through time and space and to the final frontiers! We know a lot, but by no means not everything!
Playfully learn about climate, resources and sustainability
Improve the world, one game at a time – can you do that? What impact do your actions have and what are your priorities?
Solve tricky tasks with great tips and tricks
We offer workshops of the Natural History Museum and CoSA on a great many exciting topics. Always along for the ride is ISAAC, our interactive, smart host.
Escape Room
Exit the Mine
The CoSA_Escape Room in a Show Mine explores resources of yesterday, today and tomorrow.