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Ansicht Dauerausstellung Münzkabinett Schloss Eggenberg Ansicht Dauerausstellung Münzkabinett Schloss Eggenberg

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Coin Cabinet, Schloss Eggenberg

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About the exhibition

The Coin Cabinet in Schloss Eggenberg tells memorable stories about the coinage from Styria - from the Panther thaler from the Graz mint to the so called Wuschelkopf type of the Celts, from the gold coin from Flavia Solva, which was reworked into a piece of jewellery, to the Renaissance medal gem of Archduke Charles II of Inner Austria.

The presentation emphasises the focal points of the collection and is inspired by its location. Two rooms in the oldest part of Eggenberg Palace, the 15th century predecessor of the princely residence, form the stage for the new Coin Cabinet.

„Balthasar Eggenberger“ room

The "Balthasar Eggenberger" room was named after its builder, the richest citizen of Graz at the end of the Middle Ages, and provides an insight into the life of this financial tycoon who laid the foundations for the steep rise of the House of Eggenberg.

Based on the person of Balthasar Eggenberger, it describes the effects and background of a spectacular monetary crisis that significantly damaged the people and the economy in the Austrian lands around 1460: the time when the so-called "Schinderlinge", inferior copper penny coins, were in circulation.

Ansicht Dauerausstellung Münzkabinett Schloss Eggenberg

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„Hans Ulrich von Eggenberg“ room

The most important Eggenberger and builder of the palace, Hans Ulrich von Eggenberg, defines the atmosphere of the second room, whose coins provide an overview of the Styrian coinage system and the circulation of coins in Styria from antiquity to the end of the Baroque period.

Selected pieces from the Graz mint show the achievements of this mint, where coins were produced for centuries from around 1215 until its closure by Maria Theresa. Impressive coin treasures and selected individual pieces document Styria's affiliation to supra-regional monetary systems since Celtic times.

The display collection concludes with the coins and medals of the Eggenberg family - as a kind of homage to the genius loci.

Ansicht Dauerausstellung Münzkabinett Schloss Eggenberg

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