Mission Statement

The Archaeology & Numismatic Department of the Joanneum Universal Museum preserves the oldest memory of Styria and is an interface between the preservation of archaeological monuments, science and museum education that is oriented towards the future.

Our research and outreach activities are intended to sensitise the inhabitants of Styria and our guests from Austria and abroad to the preservation and sustainable use of the rich archaeological and numismatic heritage of Styria.

The central places where we make knowledge accessible and establish connections, in accordance with the mission of the Joanneum's founder, Archduke Johann, are our museums: the Archaeology Museum, the Coin Cabinet and Flavia Solva.

A comprehensive national survey of all archaeological and numismatic monuments and sites and their scientific documentation are being striven for. The research results of the Archaeology & Coin Cabinet Department are exchanged with experts in the regional, national and international field through publications and conferences.

The archaeological and numismatic collections entrusted to us are of the highest regional and national importance. We are committed to their conservation and restoration care. This is done by adhering to international standards and according to the latest findings in conservation and restoration science.