… und weiter?! (… and then what?!)

Self-efficacy of Adolescents in Eventful Times

01.06. - 15.07.2024

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01.06. - 15.07.2024


Art in Public Space

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The goal of the project …und weiter?! ( …so what?!) is getting something done confidently and optimistically.  Therefore, one should literally roll up one’s sleeves and energetically lend a hand. If you are confident about reaching your goals, success is more likely. That is the essence of self-efficacy, an inner conviction about being able to handle difficult and challenging situations well – and the believe that this ability has a positive effect. The meaningfulness of one’s own actions is a relevant factor, after all.




During this project artists and local adolescents cooperate at places deemed significant by the latter, creating artistic interventions in the public space of their respective communities. The participation of the youth in the conception, as well as the artistic process, is the projects focus – starting at the joint discourse, the cooperative exploration of the local spaces, the analysis of the realities of crisis, the collection of possible themes and questions and finally the realization of the artworks. Whenever possible, adolescents should get the opportunity to actively join the artistic process and work with the artists in the development and realization of each project.




The artworks developed in a collective process should articulate the youths’ issues clearly and make them publicly perceptible. The informal character and low threshold, the focus on local youths living environment and the connection to their cultural forms of expressions as well as their specific situations in each community are the central aspects of this project.




The participating artists are Cäcilia Brown in Lebring, Manuel Gorkiewicz in Voitsberg and Stefan Lozar in Bruck an der Mur. They will be supported by employees of local youth centres.