Bojan Šarčević

Der Partisan

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July 2015


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This work was created as part of the project "Political Landscape" and addresses the contrasts of political attitudes in the region.

Bojan Šarčević

Der Partisan

The Alps as a fold mountain range were created millions of years ago due to continental drift. The limestone formations of the Totes Gebirge mountains even contain traces of primeval fossils. Šarčević generated a strange parenthetical state. He installed a giant clam (tridacna gigas) in Bad Aussee, but each half in a different place: at a site that usually remains unheeded, on the one hand, and also near a hiking path in the Totes Gebirge, on the other. The monumental sea creature originates from the South Pacific and is environmentally protected. Local use is only allowed if a permit is issued by the Austrian customs office. Decoratively posited atop concrete in the valley and artificially implanted in the highlands, the clam bridges gaps between time and space in a disconcerting way. While the open shell may appear vulnerably exposed to its surroundings, at the same time it is a fixed element within the mountainscape, similar to the Igel (Hedgehog) hideaway.



Bahnhofstraße, Bridge Umfahrungsstraße
8990 Bad Aussee
47°36'14.0"N 13°46'58.5"E

Karl-Stöger-Steig via Weiße Wand, Weg 201
47°40'03.0"N 13°48'27.9"E
(no longer existent)

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Political Landscape
Political Landscape - Der Partisan
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