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Here you will find information on accessibility at the Archaeology Museum at a glance.

At the park entrance of the castle there is a bell to open the gate automatically. The paths around the castle are lightly graveled, but still easily usable for wheelchair users.

The historic flooring inside the castle may not always be easy to master with a wheelchair, but if it is difficult or impossible to get around, the staff will be happy to help.

The toilet facilities in the courtyard of the castle and in the archaeology museum are designed to be barrier-free.

To ensure that wheelchair users can view the exhibits in the Archaeology Museum as comfortably as possible, all exhibition areas are laid out on level ground.

If you are accompanied by a partner dog, he can of course lead or accompany you through the exhibition.

People with dust allergies benefit from the nature of the exhibits, moreover, the furnishings were deliberately avoided upholstered furniture, carpet, etc..

Children can familiarize themselves with the subject of archaeology in a separate exhibition area.

In addition to the labels, which are attached directly to the exhibits, a free catalog is available. It contains all the information about the exhibits. By means of numbering, each exhibit can be easily found, which also benefits people with learning difficulties. Special needs are catered for during guided tours.

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