The Shaped World. Archaeology of the ArchaeoRegion Southwest Styria 

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19.04. - 31.10.2024


18.04.2024 7pm

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17.04.2024 11am - 12pm

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Archaeology Museum, Schloss Eggenberg

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The millennia-old history of the interaction between nature and man is shown in the archaeological region of south west Styria in the form of the rich archaeological heritage. The archaeological initiatives in the south west Styrian region have joined forces and worked together since then. Their goal above all is – alongside research and protection – to make the archaeological heritage visible to the broader public.


The Universalmuseum Joanneum has firm roots in the region due to the research carried out over decades. The exhibition shows highlights of the Archaeology Museum in a natural context and the presentation of the cultural heritage through the ArchaeoRegion Südweststeiermark.


Schneppenkrug from grave 65, Kainach cemetery, MG Wildon

Photo: Kulturpark Hengist/Georg Lassacher

Sheet metal hands

Photo: Universalmuseum Joanneum/N. Lackner