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07.09.2023 - 14.07.2024


06.09.2023 7pm

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06.09.2023 11am - 12pm

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Natural History Museum

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Spores are microscopic dissemination units produced by a wide variety of organisms, usually in huge numbers. These include fungi (including lichens), slime molds, algae, mosses, and ferns. Spores are usually dispersed by wind, but also by various other means, such as animals or flowing water.


In the course of evolution, a fascinating diversity of different spore forms has developed. This diversity is presented in the form of large-format microscopic images. Short videos show the sophisticated strategies for spore dispersal. The spore-forming organisms are shown as models and dissected plants and fungi, some of them also in living condition.


The exhibition is rounded off with general information on the evolutionary development of these organisms, the central role of the spore as a propagation unit, and the use of plant and fungal spores by humans.