Signal from the Dachstein

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01.06. - 03.11.2024


01.06.2024 11am


Schloss Trautenfels


Werner Schrempf

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‘Signal from the Dachstein’ is a community art project of the La Strada Graz Festival in the Dachstein region running over several years, in which many artistic threads are woven together. In 2021 the project was launched at the summer solstice: the Dutch artistic duo Strijbos & Van Rijswijk designed a landscape opera together, the overtures of which already began in the valley around the Dachstein. With this prelude, space was created for communal reflection on the future of the climate-sensitive Alpine region.

Five of these local artists – Marie-Theres Härtel, Christoph Huber, Katharina Pfennich, Christoph Szalay and Stefanie Weberhofer – will be working intensively on the further development of their work in the context of climate change through to 2024. They will also be supported by mentors. Toni Burger, Barbara Frischmuth, Peter Gruber, Bodo Hell and Ernst Huber, who are all experienced artists and, like the Signal artists, have close ties to the region, will collaborate ideationally in 2023. They will then be once again involved in the exhibition and series of events in the region in 2024.


Signal am Dachstein

Photo: Herbert Raffalt

Signal from the Dachtein

Photo: Christoph Huber

Signal from the Dachstein

Photo: Christiane Lenz

Signal from the Dachstein

Photo: Christiane Lenz

Signal am Dachstein

Foto: Susanne Posegga