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SHOWING STYRIA re-interprets the traditional provincial exhibitions, lifting the ‘Regional Exhibition’ onto tracks that point towards the future, so to say. 

SHOWING STYRIA 2021 Expand Box


SHOWING STYRIA establishes a new format for the major ‘provincial exhibition’. The intention is to incorporate the advantages of large-scale regional exhibition formats to date (regional exhibitions, the ‘Regionalen’ in German) and to expand them both in terms of contents and, vitally, geographical coverage.

As the vehicle of SHOWING STYRIA, the Universalmuseum Joanneum has integrated the History Museum, the Folk Life Museum, the Kunsthaus Graz and a mobile pavilion into the overall project. It corresponds to the nature and tradition of the Joanneum as the province’s museum to engage with the history, art, culture and nature of Styria, and its society, in all its variety and breadth.

The centre of the Joanneum has always been in Graz. Yet, from the beginning, it has had a presence in various forms in Styria’s regions, too. Thus, in the days of Archduke Johann, it brought display exhibitions into the markets and towns, in order to better familiarise the population with the nature and culture of their province. The mobile pavilion once again takes up this approach, in a forward-looking way.

One exhibition - four scenes

The titles of the individual exhibitions are assigned to the respective museums and the mobile pavilion to reflect the content and context:

how it was

Space and History
History Museum

how it is

Worlds – Changes – Perspectives
Folk Life Museum


what will be

Towards a Plurality of Futures
Kunsthaus Graz

who we are

Art – Diversity – Landscape
mobile pavilion

‘As varied as Styria itself are also the perspectives we take on the themes presented and discussed in SHOWING STYRIA at the various locations, the History Museum, the Folk Life Museum, the Kunsthaus Graz and the mobile pavilion: remarkable projects and developments in all areas of nature, society and culture, as well as the abundant scientific and artistic creativity in Styria, merge to form an eventful, contemporary and appealingly designed panorama of our province.’


Impressions of the locations

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