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Programme 2019 at Universalmuseum Joanneum

In 2019, the Universalmuseum Joanneum will present two new museum highlights as well as exciting exhibition topics relating to history, art, culture and nature.

The popular Austrian Open-Air museum Stübing, which will be part of the Joanneums from 2019, and the new CoSA - Center of Science Activities in the Joanneumsviertel, considerably extend the offer for visitors.

The Alte Galerie in Schloss Eggenberg is being reorganized and enriched with 30 permanent loans from the Kaiserschild Foundation. The result is an impressive show titled Between dance and death. Episodes of the early modern period tell of the splendor and misery of the centuries between 1500 and 1800.

At Kunsthaus Graz, Connected combines historical and contemporary visions of a world in which art functions as an instrument of societal shaping and progress into a mechanical space ballet.

Serial art - reproducible "art without uniqueness" - is the focus of a major exhibition in the Neue Galerie Graz, with displays art works from the extensive donation to our collection from Grazer Edition Artelier.

The History Museum brings the Styrian "pop stars" of the 20th century on the stage: The show POP 1900-2000 shows a variety of insights into the popular music of Styria. The exhibition Gipfelstürmen! in the Schloss Trautenfels is dedicated to those Styrians who braved expeditions to the roof of the world.

In addition to numerous guided tours and events, the education programme focuses on World Peace Day, species protection and climate change.

Gerald Brettschuh, „Diana und Aktaeon“,

Our programme in July

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Exhibitions 2019


Customs control at the border crossing Spielfeld, 1965,

100 Years of Border III: 1946–2018

Life at the Border

01.02.-19.05.2019 > History Museum

Opening: 31.01.2019, 7pm
The third and final part of the exhibition series is devoted to what has permeated – and what has not – through the border from 1946 onwards right up to our times. more...

Subject, "Too Much Is Not Enough!",

Too much is not enough!

The Donation "Artelier Collection"

15.02.-25.08.2019 > Neue Galerie Graz

The museum will acknowledge this generous gift in 2019 with an exhibition, which will explore, in particular, the significance of serial art, the essence of an ‘art [form] without a unique work’, of reproducible art. more...

Jun Yang, Chinatown Graz, < rotor >in the context of Graz 2003 - Cultural Capital of Europe, 2003, photo by Jun Yang, 2003 © Jun Yang

Jun Yang

The Artist, the Work and the Exhibition

15.02.-19.05.2019 > Kunsthaus Graz

The solo exhibition by Jun Yang is dedicated to fundamental questions of artistic work: what significance do original works, unique pieces, series and reproductions have in art today? How is artistic practice defined when exchanged with others? more...

Johann Lurf, „Cavalcade“, 2019

Johann Lurf

Earth Series with Laura Wagner and Cavalcade

13.03.-22.04.2019 > Kunsthaus Graz, Space03

In cooperation with Diagonale’19 more...

Franz Fauth, Mann mit Grammophon, St. Peter im Sulmtal, undatiert, (Multimediale Sammlungen /UMJ)

POP 1900–2000

Popular Music in Styria

15.03.2019-26.01.2020 > History Museum

POP 1900-2000 takes popular music in Styria in the 20th century as its theme. more...

Günter Brus, "Short circuit", 1990 (detail),

Incised and Stabbed

The Graphic Works of Günter Brus

29.03.-18.08.2019 > Neue Galerie Graz

Incised and Stabbed is the first complete collection of Günter Brus’ graphic works. more...

Historisches Archiv BP-Aral

The Petrol Station Myth

11.04.2019-06.01.2020 > Folk Life Museum

This exhibition follows the trail of the petrol station from the very outset, via technical and architectural innovations, up to its role as a substitute shop and local centre of communication following the disappearance of grocers and inns. more...

Sujet "Gipfelstürmen!", quer,

Peak Pioneers!

Styrian Expeditions to the Roof of the World

13.04.2019-31.10.2020 > Schloss Trautenfels

The exhibition shows the expeditions made by Styrians who tackled Asia’s highest peaks. The adventurous tales of climbing come to life through a multimedial presentation of historical and present-day documentaries, combined with original objects on display. more...

Permanent Collection

Alte Galerie

Permanent exhibition

01.01.1970-31.12.2030 > Alte Galerie, Schloss Eggenberg

Opening: 25. April 2019, 7pm
In its new display, the Alte Galerie reveals the splendour and misery of a fascinating epoch. 


F. J. Böhm, „Toni Schruf and miss Wagner on a summer sled“, 1931,

Franz Josef Böhm

Photo Pioneer of the Mürztal

27.04.2019-31.10.2020 > Rosegger-Museum, Krieglach: „Studierhäusl“

​​​​​​​The special exhibition sets out to show the varied life of the art and culture enthusiast Franz Josef Böhm, from actor to photographer, autograph collector and museum founder. more...

Renate Krammer, Videostill, 2019,

Renate Krammer

slow motion

27.04.-16.06.2019 > Neue Galerie Graz, studio

Opening: 26.04.2019, 7pm more...

Drawing of a Bronze Age settlement,

Earth – Water – Fire

Sources of Life and Stores of Knowledge

10.05.-31.10.2019 > Archaeology Museum, Schloss Eggenberg

Opening: 09.05.2019, 7pm more...

Natalie Port, "The Fly",

The Fly

17.05.-11.08.2019 > Natural History Museum

Opening: 16.05.2019, 7pm more...


World Wide Things Collection

Products from the UNESCO Cities of Design

11.05.-09.06.2019 > Neue Galerie Graz

The World Wide Things Collection shows typical local products from the UNESCO Cities of Design. You can see works from Istanbul, Puebla, Mexico City, Detroit, Saint-Etienne, Singapur and Graz. more...

Harte Arbeit – frohe Feste, Sujet,

Hard Work - Joyous Festivities!

Work-Life Balance in Earlier Times?

19.05.-31.10.2019 > Austrian Open-Air Museum Stübing, Ausstellungsgebäude

Thematically the main focus in 2019 is on the farmer’s working year, its customs, festivities and celebrations. more...

Eugen Hauber, Bad Weihermühle in Gratwein near Graz, around 1950,

Go Jump in a Lake, Styria!

07.06.-25.08.2019 > History Museum

Summer, sun and the fun of swimming are terms hardwired into our imagination. more...


Connected. Peter Kogler with…

George Antheil with Friedrich Kiesler with Hedy Lamarr with Fernand Léger with museum in progress with Otto Neurath with Charlotte Perriand with Franz Pomassl with Winfried Ritsch with Franz West ...

28.06.-20.10.2019 > Kunsthaus Graz

The exhibition brings together works from the dawn of the century with contemporary works. more...

Total Refusal – Digital Disarmament Movement,

AWOL – Absent Without Leave

04.07.-01.09.2019 > Neue Galerie Graz, studio

Total Refusal – Digital Disarmament Movement (Robin Klengel, Leonhard Müllner, Michael Stumpf) more...

Barbis Ruder – Touchpoint., Barbis Ruder

Barbis Ruder - Touchpoint.

13.09.-27.10.2019 > Neue Galerie Graz, studio

The exhibition "Touchpoint." in the studio of the Neue Galerie Graz shows the performative sculptures of performance and media artist Barbis Ruder. more...

Josefa und Hedwig Trukenthaner, painters from Deutschlandsberg, 1916,

The Land of the Styrians in Working Clothes

Pictures of an Economic History

14.09.2019-19.01.2020 > History Museum

This exhibition is devoted to ‘work and economic activity’ in the regions of Styria from the mid-19th century to the turn of the millennium. more...

Alexander Brener & Barbara Schurz, "Hoi pléistoi kakói" (The most are bad), 2019,

Alexander Brener and Barbara Schurz

Conspiracy of the Cephalopods

21.09.2019-19.01.2020 > Neue Galerie Graz

For the exhibition Conspiracy of the Cephalopods Alexander Brener and Barbara Schurz have drawn their own retrospective. more...

Alfred Klinkan, Plakat Galerie De zwarte Panter, Antwerpen 1981 (Detail). Foto: UMJ/N. Lackner

Alfred Klinkan


27.09.2019-16.08.2020 > Neue Galerie Graz

Alfred Klinkan died around 25 years ago; in 2020 he would have been 70 years old. He was a pioneer of the ‘New Painting’ movement in Austria, of which he was subsequently a key exponent. more...

Subject, "The Earth's Thin Skin Our Soil",

The Earth's Thin Skin

Our Soil

04.10.2019-12.07.2020 > Natural History Museum

The international touring exhibition helps visitors understand the fascinating diversity of life in soil, and its functions. more...

„CoSA_A(R)dventure“, room "Aurora Borealis",

CoSA - Center of Science of Activities

New at Joanneumsviertel

The CoSA – Center of Science Activities is a science centre dedicated primarily to natural sciences and technology, designed for young people of 12 and over.


Foto: N. Lackner/UMJ

Artothek Styria 2019

08.11.-01.12.2019 > Neue Galerie Graz

The Artothek Steiermark offers art enthusiasts the chance to borrow for private use selected original artworks from the collection at the Neue Galerie Graz. more...



Between tradition, discourse and technologies

15.11.2019-16.02.2020 > Kunsthaus Graz

In the last few years, interest on the part of contemporary artists in crafting processes, in experimenting with material and techniques has grown noticeably. more...

Total Refusal, Swings don’t Swing, 2019

Promotion Prize of the Province of Styria for Contemporary Fine Art 2019

29.11.2019-08.03.2020 > Neue Galerie Graz

​​​​​​​A competition is held, at which to begin with an art expert with international experience curates an exhibition from all the works submitted. more...

Highlights 2019


"World Wood Day", Sujet,
Event, Aktion, Presentation, Symposium

World Wood Day 2019

20.03.-23.03.2019 > Austrian Open-Air Museum Stübing

On World Wood Day some 400 people from up to 150 countries come together – for example, artists, craftsmen and scientists. For the host country, this is a chance to present the significance of the raw material wood, as well as the domestic forestry and timber industry. more...

Sujet Schauplatz Natur

'Location Nature' Series: Who’s Next?

03.03.2019 > Natural History Museum

Every March 3rd – the World Wild Life Day – the Natural History Museum together with its partners turns the spotlight on endangered species. more...


Spring celebration 2019

19.05.2019 > Austrian Sculpture Park

Every year the Austrian Sculpture Park invites national and international artists as well as classes of art students to enter into a dialogue with the special circumstances in the Sculpture Park, and to develop works either jointly or alongside one another. more...



29.08.-01.09.2019 > Art in Public Space



Late Summer Celebration 2019

08.09.2019 > Austrian Sculpture Park

The Late Summer Celebration will once again invite you to join in a relaxed afternoon of guided tours, a kids’ programme, music and culinary delights. more...

Grafik: Andrea Weishaupt

'Location Nature' Series: Climate Change and Styria 2019

12.12.2019 > Natural History Museum

What can the various regions of Styria expect from climate change, and what can every one of us really do to counter its effects? more...

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