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Programme 2020 at Universalmuseum Joanneum

General Rules Expand Box
  • Always wear a mouth-nose protective mask in all our museums.
  • Keep your distance! Maintain at least 1 metre’s distance from all persons not living in your household or who do not belong to your group of visitors. 
  • Wash your hands regularly! Clean your hands regularly and thoroughly with water and soap or disinfectant.
  • Do not touch your eyes, nose and mouth! In this way you avoid spreading viruses from your hands to your face.
  • Maintain hygiene with your breath! Cough or sneeze into the crook of your arm or into a tissue which you dispose of immediately. Pay in cash wherever possible!
  • If you feel ill or fear that you are falling ill, stay at home or dial the telephone number 1450.
  • If you belong to the COVID-19 risk group, consider seriously whether you wish to take the risk of exposure to possible infection.


Rules for guided tours and events Expand Box

Limited space available:

  • Tours/events without fixedseats: max. 100 persons
  • Indoor tours/events, fixedseats: max. 250 persons
  • Outdoor tours/events, fixedseats: max. 500 persons


Rules on distance:

For all tours and events (indoor, outdoor, with or without fixed seats), please maintain 1 metre’s distance to all persons not living in your household or who do not belong to your group of visitors. 



Only enter our museums with a mouth-nose protective mask and wear it continuously during your visit to the museum.

We are pleased to be able to welcome you once again in our museum. Our staff are familiar with the rules currently in force concerning hygiene and distance and would like to ensure you a pleasant visit to the museum.

In the coming year, the Universalmuseum Joanneum covers a wide range of themes in 25 new exhibitions. Among the highlights is the comprehensive show with views of Graz and Styria in the History Museum, which is based on the gift made by Karl A. Kubinzky.

In the summer the Kunsthaus Graz devotes a retrospective show to the painter Herbert Brandl and the Neue Galerie Graz sheds light on the work of both known and unknown Styrian women artists from 1850 onwards.

In the Schloss Stainz Hunting Museum, the theme is the role of the female hunter as it has developed historically to the present day, while in the Natural History Museum the focus is on the life of ants, often given too little attention. 

You can find an overview of the exhibitions and all program highlights in 2020.

Marie Auersperg, „Vase mit Blumen“, 1840s,

Our programme in September

Find out here what exhibits and programmes we offer in September.


Ongoing exhibitions from 2019 (open with a klick) Expand Box
F. J. Böhm, „Toni Schruf and miss Wagner on a summer sled“, 1931,

Franz Josef Böhm

Photo Pioneer of the Mürztal

27.04.2019-31.10.2020 > Rosegger-Museum, Krieglach: „Studierhäusl“

​​​​​​​The special exhibition sets out to show the varied life of the art and culture enthusiast Franz Josef Böhm, from actor to photographer, autograph collector and museum founder. more...

Sujet "Gipfelstürmen!", quer,

Peak Pioneers!

Styrian Expeditions to the Roof of the World

13.04.2019-31.10.2021 > Schloss Trautenfels

The exhibition shows the expeditions made by Styrians who tackled Asia’s highest peaks. The adventurous tales of climbing come to life through a multimedial presentation of historical and present-day documentaries, combined with original objects on display. more...

Exhibitions 2020


Uto Laur, Lunapark at Grazer Ostbahnhof, about 1947,

The Future's Ours!

Amateur Photographs by Graz Resident Uto Laur between 1930 and 1970

31.01.-04.10.2020 > History Museum

The exhibition’s focus is on Laur’s photographs of Graz from 1930 to 1970. more...

Günter Brus, "Amadeuskonzert", 1979,

The Distant Sound

Günter Brus and Music

21.02.-16.08.2020 > Neue Galerie Graz, BRUSEUM

Günter Brus’ work is inseparably linked to his experience of music. more...

Sophia Süßmilch, Selbstportrait als Vergnügungspark, 2020

Sophia Süßmilch

Bei Langeweile öfter mal das ABC aufsagen

22.02.-16.08.2020 > Neue Galerie Graz, studio

The studio exhibitions can be visited free of charge. more...

Graz, Platz am Eisernen Tor (Bismarckplatz), picture postcard, about 1930,

Your Graz!

The Kubinzky Collection at the Joanneum

28.02.2020-31.01.2021 > History Museum

"Your Graz", the major city exhibition, is aimed at residents of Graz, and indeed at all those who are interested in the city with its many attributes. more...

Tipp: On Tour

Günter Brus, "Wiener Spaziergang", 1965 / 1989,
Exhibition, Externe Veranstaltung

Freedom will be an episode …

Exhibition Austrian Cultural Forum in New York, USA

06.03.-07.09.2020 > Neue Galerie Graz, Austrian Cultural Forum in New York, USA

In New York works will be shown by Günter Brus, Evamaria Schaller, studio ASYNCHROME, Josef Wurm and zweintopf. more...

Judy Chicago, "Orange Atmosphere", 1969,

Where Art Might Happen

The Early Years of CalArts

01.07.-20.09.2020 > Kunsthaus Graz, Space02

The exhibition with the title "Where Art Might Happen. The Early Years of CalArts" opens up a multi-perspectival view of the college: trends existing in parallel that came from Concept Art, feminism and Fluxus, as well as the school’s radical pedagogical concepts, were unified for the first time. more...

Bill Fontana, "Hydro Power Landscape", 2019

Bill Fontana. Primal Energies

01.07.-04.10.2020 > Kunsthaus Graz, Space01

What does energy sound like? An immersive exhibition and an urban sound project draw attention to the inner connections between nature and culture. more...

Fan for women with jay feathers,

Hunting Is Female

Diana and Actaeon

01.07.-29.11.2020 > Jagdmuseum

Postponed! The exhibition will be accessible from 01.07.2020.
Hunting was and is not a field of activity confined to men. If we research into history, we see that hunting was certainly shaped by women, too. more...

Roman finds from east summit of the Schöckl mountain,

The Romans on Schöckl Mountain

24.07.2020-31.10.2021 > Archaeology Museum, Schloss Eggenberg

Since 2015 the Institute for Archaeology at Graz University has been researching the Roman excavation site on Schöckl Mountain in Styria. more...


On Slave Raiders and Aphid Farmers

Ants in Styria

18.09.2020-11.07.2021 > Natural History Museum

Open House: 19.09.2020
The fascinating life of the 100 ant-species which can be found in Styria is presented by living animals, scale models and photos. more...


Claudia Larcher

face 2 face

12.09.-22.11.2020 > Neue Galerie Graz, studio

The studio exhibitions can be visited free of charge. more...

Mara Schrötter-Malliczky, poster "Mirus. Antinikotin“ (edited), 1919,

Ladies First!

Women Artists from Styria 1850–1950

25.09.2020-21.02.2021 > Neue Galerie Graz

Open House: 26.09.2020
The female art of Styria has never been analysed and presented in detail, so this project sets out to do so. more...

Dominik Steiger, "Tagtraumarbeiter", 2003,


Reverie Laborer

16.10.2020-31.01.2021 > Neue Galerie Graz, BRUSEUM

Opening: 15.10.2020, 7pm
The BRUSEUM exhibition gathers together the most important works from Steiger’s extensive output. more...

Herbert Brandl, "Untitled", 2008,

Herbert Brandl


23.10.2020-07.03.2021 > Kunsthaus Graz, Space01, Space02

Opening 22.10.2020, 3 pm
The Kunsthaus Graz exhibition centres on the artist’s associative, process-based way of working, interwoven as a convergence of the seen, the experienced and the imagined. more...

"Vor den Toren der Stadt",

Forever Beautiful!

Styria in the Karl A. Kubinzky Collection

23.10.2020-31.01.2021 > History Museum

Open House: 24.10.2020, 10am - 5pm
​​​​​​​The exhibition looks beyond the Year of Culture 2020 and towards the Steiermark Schau 2021 (Styrian Show). more...

Julije Knifer, "working process, Tübingen", 1975,

Julije Knifer


20.11.2020-25.04.2021 > Neue Galerie Graz

Opening: postponed!
Julije Knifer was one of the most internationally renowned artists from Croatia post-1945, who achieved world fame in the fields of concrete and conceptual art. more...

Exhibition view „Artothek Steiermark 2019“,

Artothek Styria 2020

04.12.-06.12.2020 > Neue Galerie Graz, studio

Opening: 03.12.2020, 7pm
The Artothek Styria offers art enthusiasts the chance to hire selected originals from the Neue Galerie Graz for private use. more...


Art Space Styria 2020

23.12.2020-28.02.2021 > Neue Galerie Graz, studio

Opening: 22.12.2020, 6.30pm more...

Highlights 2020


Marta Navaridas: Onírica, 2020
Project, Performance


A dance installation by Marta Navaridas

21.02.-23.02.2020 > Kunsthaus Graz, Space04

In ONÍRICA, Marta Navaridas creates a physically intense and visually compelling play between three performers, in which emotional and physical states manifest themselves as live sketches. more...

Sujet "Wer ist der Nächste",
Event, Thementag

‘Location Nature’ Series: Who’s Next?

08.03.2020 > Natural History Museum

For 2020, the team for nature education, together with the scientists in the department of natural history, have chosen the native bat species. more...

"the maybe date", Klasse Bildhauerei und Transmedialer Raum der Kunstuniversität Linz unter Tobias Urban und Ali Janka,

Artists in Residence 2020

17.05.-31.10.2020 > Austrian Sculpture Park

For the 2020 Austrian Sculpture Park Artist-in-Residence Programme, we succeeded in attracting students from the Sculpture Department – Trans-medial Space at the Art University of Linz, under the tutelage of Ali Janka and Tobias Urban (Gelitin Artists’ Group). more...

World Peace Day 2015,

International Day of Peace 2020

Kriegsmüde, friedensbereit?

20.09.-21.10.2020 > Styrian Armoury

In 2020, too, as part of the UN-led International Day of Peace on September 21, the education team at the Styrian Armoury and History Museum invite participants to reflect on war and peace, under the title "Tired of War, Ready for Peace?" more...


The ‘Location Nature’ Series: Climate Change and Styria 2020

12.12.2020 > Natural History Museum

Its consequences can already be felt and are uncontested in scientific literature – the talk is of climate change. more...


KiöR – Mobile Navigation App

As part of a course at the FH Joanneum Graz in the field of study of information design intoto, a young start-up team was commissioned by the Institute of Art in Public Space Styria to design a mobile navigation app under various premises, in order to make art in public space in Styria accessible in an entertaining way. Thus, you can enter your location, the kind of transport and the time available, to be guided from one artwork to another. The app is intended to contain not only all projects realised by the institute, but also other works and relevant locations for public space, reaching back to 1945. 

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