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Programme 2018 at Universalmuseum Joanneum

2018 is marked by anniversaries, commemorations, and birthdays, which serve as the starting point for many projects. 

Our programme in Dezember

Find out here what exhibits and programmes we offer in Dezember.


Subject „God and the World”, 2017,

God and the World

What do we believe in?

06.04.2017-04.11.2018 > Schloss Trautenfels

To mark two anniversaries – 500 years of the Lutheran Theses (2017) and 800 years of the Diocese of Graz-Seckau (2018) – the new special exhibition in Schloss Trautenfels is dedicated to the general theme of ‘faith and believing’. more...

Installation view,


Speedy Bees and Wonderful Pikes

05.05.2017-08.07.2018 > Natural History Museum

Sex plays an important role not just for humans; it also acts as the engine of evolution for animals, plants and fungi. more...

Andy Warhol, "Untitled aus Marilyn Monroe", 1967,

Who are you?

Two centuries of portraits

25.05.2017-25.02.2018 > Neue Galerie Graz

This exhibition spans a period from the 19th century through the interwar period and the portents of ‘mass culture’ in Pop Art, up to current portraits, for which new media are also now employed. more...

Arthur Zalewski, from "Favoriten", 2017,

Graz Architecture

Rationalists, Aesthetes, Gut Instinct Architects, Democrats, Mediacrats

23.09.2017-28.01.2018 > Kunsthaus Graz, Space02

To actively shape society is the common claim of the Graz architects, whose works can be seen here. more...

Arthur Zalewski, from "Favoriten", 2017,

Up into the Unknown

Peter Cook, Colin Fournier and the Kunsthaus

23.09.2017-25.03.2018 > Kunsthaus Graz, Space01

The exhibition Up into the Unknown traces the creation of the Kunsthaus Graz, exploring thereby the relationship between visionary ideas and their realisation. more...

Dejan Marković, Shapes of Things Before My Eyes, 2018

Dejan Marković

Shapes of Things Before My Eyes

27.01.-04.03.2018 > Neue Galerie Graz, studio

Opening: 26.01.2018, 7pm
studio more...

Permanent Collection

Bertl & Adele

Two Graz children in the Holocaust

26.01.2018-27.12.2020 > History Museum

Opening: 25.01.2018, 7 pm
The exhibition Bertl & Adele shows the Holocaust through the example of two children from Graz. more...


Peter Rosegger. Forest Home and a Changing World

09.02.2018-10.02.2019 > History Museum

This exhibit presents one of the most famous Styrian personalities: as a mountain farmer and author, between Waldheimat and Europe, characterized by patriotism, monarchy and nationalism, open to reformatory movements, as a commentator and admonisher on social issues. more...

Haegue Yang, VIP’s Union, 2017,

Haegue Yang: VIP’s Union

– Phase II, Surrender

15.02.-02.04.2018 > Kunsthaus Graz, Space02

VIP’s Union enters its second phase in February 2018: the furniture which over the last nine months has been available for use throughout the Kunsthaus is now changing its status and will be on show in a spatial setting in Space02 designed by Haegue Yang. more...

Anastasia Ax, "The Kid Below", 2010,

The Drawing Obsession

02.03.-02.09.2018 > Neue Galerie Graz, BRUSEUM

On the opening day, no single work will be on show, given that the exhibition develops throughout its duration. more...

Subject, "Smaragdgressling",

Hotspot Mur

Concealed Emeralds

09.03.-09.12.2018 > Natural History Museum

The River Mur is a hotspot of Styrian biodiversity. more...

Subject, film still,


09.03.-15.04.2018 > Neue Galerie Graz

A studio for Katrina Daschner will take place as part of the Diagonale’18. more...

"Großglockner", 1891 (Detail), Alpenverein-Museum, ÖAV,
Permanent Collection

Rosegger Museum Krieglach: "Whom does the Großglockner belong to?"

Rosegger between conservation and progress

01.01.2010-01.01.2030 > Rosegger-Museum, Krieglach

In Peter Rosegger’s former country home in Krieglach, the Styrian poet’s life and creative periods are traced. more...

[Translate to English:] Musterung, Laafeld, undatiert,

100 Years of Border I: 1900–1918

The Period before Demarcation

19.04.-02.09.2018 > History Museum

From borders in our minds to borders in real life. An exhibition in three chapters. more...

Subject "Rebel with a Vision",

Rebel with a Vision

Vjenceslav Richter Retrospective

23.03.-02.09.2018 > Neue Galerie Graz

This retrospective shows Vjenceslav Richter’s architectural and artistic work from 1947 to 2002 in the context of European art history. more...

Erzherzog Johann Statue in Mariazell, 1914

Archduke Johann

The world of Styrian iron

24.03.2018-30.11.2019 > Landwirtschaftsmuseum

The iron industry that started in England and which Archduke Johann brought to Styria. more...

"Peace Treaty of Passarowitz" (detail), Museum of Military History, Vienna,

The Impact of Passarowitz

300 Years of Continuity in Europe

06.04.-04.11.2018 > Styrian Armoury

The exhibition is devoted to the consequences of the treaties in the areas of traffic, economy, political relations, and cultural and scientific exchange to the present day. more...

Faith Love Hope

Faith Love Hope

800 Years of the Graz-Seckau Diocese

13.04.-26.08.2018 > Kunsthaus Graz

The exhibition seeks out possible connections between temporal and secular zones, it explores forms of artistic engagement with images and values forged by Christianity. more...

Yasaman Hasani, LeftOver, 2018

Yasaman Hasani


20.04.-03.06.2018 > Neue Galerie Graz, studio

The exhibition titled LeftOver takes us on a poetic journey through the life of a young Persian woman who shifts between two worlds. more...

Patrick Topitschnig, "FREVLER (COLOUR SPHERE)", 2018

Presence and Appearance

21.04.-04.11.2018 > Schloss Trautenfels

Opening: 21.04.2018, 11 am
Four artists from the Ennstal region once again get involved in the special exhibition at Schloss Trautenfels with their works. more...


My portraIt and YOU

An Exhibition for Young People

27.04.-31.10.2018 > Schloss Eggenberg and Gardens

This exhibition sets out to make the portraits of past centuries more accessible to young people and those accompanying them, stimulating visitors to design, depict and participate in role play. more...


Female Slaves of Virtue

Ladies’ Orders in Old Austria

18.05.-31.10.2018 > Coin Cabinet, Schloss Eggenberg

In the exhibition Female Slaves of Virtue, the extraordinary and very rare medallions of the three most important female orders from old Austria are on show. more...


Razor sharp

6000 years chert mining in Rein near Graz

18.05.-31.10.2018 > Archaeology Museum, Schloss Eggenberg

The exhibition presents the Neolithic-Age hornstone mine at Rein, the earliest mine in Styria, on the basis of archaeological and geoscientific research. more...

Subject "Art Controversies",
Permanent Collection

Art Controversies

Styrian Positions 1945-1967

15.06.2018-06.01.2020 > Neue Galerie Graz

With this exhibition, the Neue Galerie Graz shows the polarity in which ‘contemporary’ art has always moved. more...

Nicole Prutsch, Shift (N°7639), 2017

Nicole Prutsch

Beyond the measuring principle

15.06.-19.08.2018 > Neue Galerie Graz, studio

Prutsch questions the idea of truth and the generation of knowledge in the western cultural tradition, but she also investigates untapped potential in conceptualisation and picture production. more...

Susanne Schuda, "OONP, The Office Of Nothing Personal",

Susanne Schuda

OONP, The Office Of Nothing Personal

08.09.-21.10.2018 > Neue Galerie Graz, studio

studio more...

Panzersperren bei Šentilj/St. Egidi als Hindernis gegen die deutsche Wehrmacht,

100 Years of Border II: 1919–1945

Life at the Border

14.09.2018-20.01.2019 > History Museum

Opening: 13.09.2018, 7 pm
From national charge over National Socialist border displacement policy to the Iron Curtain. An exhibition in three chapters. more...

Monsengo Shula, "Roi satellite", 2012,

Congo Stars

22.09.2018-27.01.2019 > Kunsthaus Graz

The exhibition Congo Stars shows the wealth, special features and lines of tradition of locally oriented, popular painting from the 1960s to the present day. more...

Subject, Günter Brus, "Aktionsskizze", 1966,

As if with the Scalpel

The Actionist Drawings of Günter Brus

28.09.2018-27.01.2019 > Neue Galerie Graz, BRUSEUM

To mark Günter Brus’ 80th birthday, the BRUSEUM is showing a world-first exhibition of his Actionist drawings. more...

Sujet "Hrdlicka/Martinz",


"Call for Mistrust"

05.10.2018-06.01.2019 > Neue Galerie Graz

Opening: 04.10.2018, 7 pm more...

Ausstellungsansicht, "Artothek Steiermark", 2018,

Artothek Styria 2018

09.11.-02.12.2018 > Neue Galerie Graz, studio

The "Artothek Styria" offers those keen on and interested in art the chance to loan out selected originals from the Neue Galerie Graz collection for private use. more...

Lilith Kraxner, "how to live?", 2018, (Sujet)

Art Space Styria 2018

07.12.2018-17.03.2019 > Neue Galerie Graz, studio

This exhibition in the Neue Galerie Graz shows various artistic positions with works, which were created over 2017-2018 thanks to these stipends. more...

Highlights 2018


[Translate to English:] Halsbandschnäpper

Schauplatz Natur: Who’s Next?

03.03.2018 > Natural History Museum

From the Series ‘Schauplatz Natur’ more...


Spring Celebrations 2018

27.05.2018 > Austrian Sculpture Park

The Austrian Sculpture Park invites to its annual Spring Celebration! more...


Inverting Battlefields

For a Borderless Future

01.06.-31.12.2018 > Art in Public Space

Opening: June 2018 more...


Late Summer Celebration

09.09.2018 > Austrian Sculpture Park

In 2018 the Late Summer Celebration will once again invite you to join in a relaxed afternoon of guided tours, a kids’ programme, music and culinary delights. more...

Weltfriedenstag 2018

Kuratiert von Andreas Metelko und Anita Niegelhell

Congo Wirbel, Sujet
Event, Aktion

Congo-Wirbel powered by UNIQA

Congo Stars

07.11.-11.11.2018 > Kunsthaus Graz, Im gesamten Kunsthaus

Der BIG WIRBEL 2018 steht ganz im Zeichen der Ausstellung Congo Stars. more...


Comrade Conrade

Democracy and Peace on the Streets

06.12.2017-09.12.2018 > Art in Public Space

Opening: September 2018 more...

Sujet Schauplatz Natur Klimawandel

Schauplatz Natur: Climate Change and Styria

12.12.2018 > Natural History Museum

From the Series ‘Schauplatz Natur’ more...

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