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Programme 2023 at Universalmuseum Joanneum

Our programme focuses

The Neue Galerie Graz dedicates a show to Franz Steinfeld, the founder of modern landscape representation, and in a cooperation with the Halle für Kunst Steiermark (Styrian Hall of Art) deals with the themes of silliness and enthusiasm in art. Social change in Styria over the past 1,000 years is among the topics of interest at the Museum of History. In addition, the so-called "Klauberfrauen" become the protagonists of an exhibition.

A life without electricity? An apocalyptic idea that seems to become more and more a topic in recent times. The Austrian Open Air Museum Stübing shows with glimpses into the past how everyday life can function even without electricity. Teamwork is the prerequisite for the upcoming project, which will open at the CoSA - Science Center of Activities at the beginning of the year: With an Escape Room, the CoSA offers another attractive activity. 


Highlights apart from our sites 

The STEIERMARK SCHAU "Diversity of Life" focuses on the conservation of species and habitat diversity as well as measures against climate change. It will be on display at Tierwelt Herberstein from April 29, 2023 to November 05, 2023.

And the artist-in-residence program OFFENE FELDER of the Institute of Art in Public Space Styria will continue in 2023 with 11 more collaborations around art and agriculture.

Find out more about the exhibitions and all program highlights of 2023 in the overview.

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We are happy to present our diverse exhibition program in 2023:
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Our programme in April

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Continuing exhibitions from 2022 (click to open) Expand Box
Main image "The Art of Healing. On the History of Medicine",

The Art of Healing

On the History of Medicine

09.04.2022-31.10.2023   >  Schloss Trautenfels

The goal of this exhibition is to produce a ground-breaking, generally comprehensible analysis of the social challenge presented by the health system, as affected by changes in the climate and its impact on people’s way of living, among other things. more...


Stories of the Past

Digital Journey into Lost Landscapes

08.04.2022-31.10.2023   >  Archaeology Museum, Schloss Eggenberg

Immerse yourself with us virtually in the past of the Danube region and explore Iron Age settlements or medieval fortresses. more...


Pretty colorful!

The rainbow phenomenon

02.07.2022-19.01.2023   >  Folk Life Museum

The Folk Life Museum at the Paulustor puts the rainbow at the heart of a special exhibition and seeks answers to questions about a physical phenomenon with unsurpassed symbolic power. more...

Ausstellungssujet. Collage/Motive: Regentropfen (rezent), Wirbeltierfährte und Trockenrisse (fossil, Deutschland), Foto: UMJ/N. Lackner

Searching for Traces …

through Earth's History

16.09.2022-16.07.2023   >  Natural History Museum

Every process that occurs in nature, whether animate or inanimate, leaves behind traces. more...


A War in the Distance

23.09.2022-12.02.2023   >  Neue Galerie Graz

At the core of steirischer herbst ’22 is an exhibition at Neue Galerie Graz that juxtaposes historical works with contemporary artists’ projects. more...

Christiane Peschek, The Girls Club – Etna, 2019

Faking the Real

The Art of Enticement

22.09.2022-08.01.2023   >  Kunsthaus Graz, Space02, Foyer

Around the explosive term Fake, the exhibition at Kunsthaus Graz traces the development of the interfaces between graphic design and art since 1971, reflecting both political upheavals and technological developments. more...

Hito Steyerl, „Animal Spirits“, exhibition view National Museum of Modern and Contemporary Art, Korea (MMCA), 2022,

Hito Steyerl

Animal Spirits

22.09.2022-08.01.2023   >  Kunsthaus Graz, Space01

What is a garden, a habitat, a sphere, a cave? In a direct dialogue with the Kunsthaus Graz, the important German artist and essayistic documentary film-maker Hito Steyerl is planning an installation in Space01’s dark dome that multiply interlocks on both digital and analogue levels. more...

Günter Brus "Kunst und Revolution", 1968,

Günter Brus. Disclosure

A Retrospective from the Collection of the THP Private Foundation

28.10.2022-05.03.2023   >  Neue Galerie Graz, BRUSEUM

With the showing of the THP Private Foundation Collection, the BRUSEUM is not only delighted to be able to display this unique private collection, but also to present a retrospective exhibition of the artist’s work for the first time in ten years. more...

Permanent Collection

The Folk Costume Room

Folk Life Museum

The new Folk Costume Room places the focus on Viktor Geramb as a folklorist, collector and museum director, and honour him – in a critical light. more...

Adolf-Hitler-Platz, Leoben, 1938,


Styria and National Socialism

25.11.2022-31.12.2024   >  History Museum

The years of the National Socialist reign meant terror, persecution and the murder of millions of people. A new permanent exhibition in the History Museum is devoted to this period. more...

Franz Kapfer, Atlanten, 2022, paper template, 70 x 50 cm,

Art Space Styria 2022

02.12.2022-19.11.2023   >  Neue Galerie Graz

The exhibition presents the works of Styrian participants in the various studio programmes, as well as foreign scholarships bestowed by the Cultural Department of the Regional Government of Styria in 2021/22. more...

Exhibitions 2023



The Sound of St. Lambrecht

13.01.-11.06.2023   >  History Museum

Opening: 12.01.2023, 7 p.m. more...


Identity on the Line

03.02.-18.06.2023   >  Folk Life Museum

Opening: 02.02.2023, 6pm more...

Isa Rosenberger, MANDA, 2023

Isa Rosenberger

Shadows, Gaps, Voids

10.02.-01.05.2023   >  Kunsthaus Graz, Space02

Shadows, Gaps, Voids is Isa Rosenberger’s most comprehensive show to date and features older works and a new piece, a co-production with Stiftung Bauhaus Dessau.  more...

Ingrid Wiener, Martin Roth

Ingrid Wiener, Martin Roth

From far away you see more

10.02.-21.05.2023   >  Kunsthaus Graz, Space01

An interwoven world of wonders, a living symbiosis of things; man at the edges observing, enabling, learning.  more...


Walter Köstenbauer


17.03.-05.11.2023   >  Neue Galerie Graz

Opening: 16.03.2023, 7 pm, free admission!
Intervention by the Neue Galerie Graz in the permanent exhibition rooms of the Natural History Museum with works by Walter Köstenbauer. more...

Anna Spanlang, "Green Scream Clap", 2020

Anna Spanlang

Baby better have my menstruation. I ain’t no museum

23.03.-30.04.2023   >  Kunsthaus Graz, Foyer, Vorplatz, Untergeschoss

In the Kunsthaus, Anna Spanlang as last year's Diagonale winner in the category "Best Innovative Film" shows her collaborative work in film interspersed with props (the giant tampon stands in the forecourt) and films that overlay the existing setting. more...

 Gudrun Krebitz, ECHODROM, 2022 (Filmstill), Experimentalfilm, 16:36 min, Stereo, Courtesy of the Artist und Sixpackfilm

Gudrun Krebitz

Nighttime at the Well

25.03.-11.06.2023   >  Neue Galerie Graz, studio

Gudrun Krebitz uses drawings and real images to animate unique films characterised by a deep suggestive power. more...



29.04.-05.11.2023   >  Tierwelt Herberstein

Mobile pavilion Vienna:
Opening: 22.03.2023, 6 p.m.
Duration: 23.03.–03.04.2023
Mobile pavilion, House of Biovdersity,
Path of Diversity at Herberstein Animal World:

Opening: 29.04.2023, 11 a.m.
Duration: 29.04.–05.11.2023


Günter Brus, Vitriolkabinett, 1966, Fotograf: Ludwig Hoffenreich


Her Life With the Viennese Actionists

31.03.-24.09.2023   >  Neue Galerie Graz, BRUSEUM

Opening: 30.03.2023, 7 pm
Anna Brus, wife of Günter Brus, and her role in Viennese Actionism become the main topic. more...

Wilhelm Steinfeld, "Gosausee mit dem Dachstein", 1839, Öl auf Holz, 47,2 x 38 cm, Neue Galerie Graz/Universalmuseum Joanneum,

The Alps in View

The Landscape Painter Franz Steinfeld

05.05.-17.09.2023   >  Neue Galerie Graz

Opening: 04.05.2023, 7 pm more...

Tomislav Gotovac, from: Zagreb, I love you!, 1981,

Body and Territory

Cross-border Dialogues. A cooperation with MSU Zagreb

26.05.-27.08.2023   >  Kunsthaus Graz, Space02

Opening: 25.05.2023, 7 pm
Body and Territory is to be understood as a dialogue between neighbours, in which connecting elements of artistic practices around the themes of body and identity are made visible. more...

Plamen Dejanoff, Foundation Requirements (Collaborations), 2015

Plamen Dejanoff

Heritage Project

08.06.-27.08.2023   >  Kunsthaus Graz, Space01

Opening: 07.06.2023, 7 pm
Plamen Dejanoff's solo exhibition at the Kunsthaus Graz shows new works, precisely researched in terms of craftsmanship, which investigate a common European cultural heritage. more...

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