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Programme 2021 at Universalmuseum Joanneum

We are happy to present our diverse exhibition program and a very special premiere in 2021:

The first installment of SHOWING STYRIA invites its visitors to explore the past and the present of our province, as well as its varied future prospects. This region-themed exhibition can be experienced at the History Museum, at the newly redesigned Folk Life Museum and the Kunsthaus Graz, as well as in a special mobile pavilion.

A show by a Danish artist group SUPERFLEX will be hosted at the Kunsthaus Graz, together with an exhibition by the artist Joanna Kandl

The History Museum presents the jewellery art of Wolfgang Rahs and works of Graz photographer Eugen Hauber.

With prints from the Early Modern period in the Death Triumphant exhibition, the Alte Galerie provides artistic insights into an era marked by wars. The Coin Cabinet displays magnificent Salzburg gold coins from the collection of Bankhaus Spängler, and the Natural History Museum also has an exhibition dedicated to the much sought-after noble metal of gold.

The Neue Galerie Graz continues to explore aspects of the Feminine in Contemporary Art, this time focusing on the 1960s and later years. Additionally, a complex exhibition project is dedicated to the artist Martin

and selected works by Joseph Pilhofer are presented to celebrate his 100th birthday. With the project Art Space Styria and in the studio exhibitions we show current art trends with the support of the Styrian Promotion Prize for Contemporary Fine Arts. The Bruseum project presents not only Picture-Poems by Günter Brus but also works he created together with Alfons Schilling around 1960.

In the CoSA - Center of Science Activities - special exhibitions work with the topic of sport and science and show in what way know-how from Graz contributes to space exploration.

Styrian writer Peter Rosegger's relationship with the forest is vividly illustrated at the Peter Rosegger Birthplace & Museum in the wald.heimat exhibitionand the annual theme of the Austrian Open-Air Museum Stübing is dedicated to folk medicine.

In 2021, the Hunting Museum Schloss Stainz focuses on the role of womenin Hunting is Female, and Schloss Tautenfels tells once more the story of the Styrian Expeditions to the Roof of the World.

You can find an overview of the exhibitions and all programme highlights in 2021.

Continuing exhibitions from 2020 (click to open) Expand Box
Sujet "Gipfelstürmen!", quer,

Peak Pioneers!

Styrian Expeditions to the Roof of the World

13.04.2019-31.10.2021 > Schloss Trautenfels

The exhibition shows the expeditions made by Styrians who tackled Asia’s highest peaks. The adventurous tales of climbing come to life through a multimedial presentation of historical and present-day documentaries, combined with original objects on display. more...

Roman finds from east summit of the Schöckl mountain,

The Romans on Schöckl Mountain

24.07.2020-31.10.2021 > Archaeology Museum, Schloss Eggenberg

Since 2015 the Institute for Archaeology at Graz University has been researching the Roman excavation site on Schöckl Mountain in Styria. more...


On Slave Raiders and Aphid Farmers

Ants in Styria

18.09.2020-11.07.2021 > Natural History Museum

The fascinating life of the 100 ant-species which can be found in Styria is presented by living animals, scale models and photos. more...

Mara Schrötter-Malliczky, poster "Mirus. Antinikotin“ (edited), 1919,

Ladies First!

Women Artists from Styria 1850–1950

25.09.2020-02.05.2021 > Neue Galerie Graz

The female art of Styria has never been analysed and presented in detail, so this project sets out to do so. more...

More information about exhibitions 2021 will follow soon.

Exhibitions 2021


"Fertig? Los!",

‘Ready?’ ‘Go!’

The History of Sport and Technology

27.03.-21.11.2021 > CoSA - Center of Science Activities

Opening: 26.03.2021
The cult of the body, record hunting and wellness oasis: an exhibition located in the zone of tension between sport, culture and technology. more...

"wald.heimat", Sujet,


Rosegger’s Dream and Reality

27.03.-31.10.2021 > Rosegger-Museum, Krieglach: „Studierhäusl“

Opening: 27.03.2021 more...

SHOWING STYRIA: how it was

Space and History

Opening: 09.04.2021
The History Museum is the location for the question ‘how it was’. Here the relationship between Styrians, their province and its history is considered.



Worlds, Changes, Perspectives

From 10.04.2021
Opening: 09.04.2021
The Folk Life Museum undertakes a survey of the present social situation and of cultural forms of expression in Styria.


SHOWING STYRIA: what will be

Towards a Plurality of Futures

Opening: 09.04.2021
The Kunsthaus Graz ventures to glimpse into the future (various futures), posing the question as to how life may look in Styria in tomorrow’s world.


SHOWING STYRIA: who we are

Art, Diversity, Landscape

Opening: 09.04.2021
With the mobile pavilion SHOWING STYRIA travels to people throughout the various regions of Styria. Here, all visitors are invited to explore the various regions of Styria and get to know them better.


Institute for Art in Public Space Styria: Project selection

Fotomontage Alfred Lenz, Kunstraum L201 (Sängerknaben),

Alfred Lenz. Art Space L201

Spring 2021

A plot of land with Alfred Lenz’s home that has evolved over decades lies close to Landesstraße 201. Through traffic increasingly runs along this street that was originally used by residents. A transparent construction will be erected here, one that includes the surroundings and generates discourse between art and public space. In front of or behind this sculptural setting, which makes the space visible and accessible in the first place, projects of various types will take place in the semi-public area in future.

Wolfgang Becksteiner, Coronadenkmal, Entwurf,

Coronavirus Monuments

May to year-end 2021

From a two-stage call for submissions of the Institute for Art in Public Space Styria and the Province of Styria for the erection of Coronavirus monuments in Graz and Styria, it was the designs of Wolfgang Becksteiner, Werner Reiterer and Michael Schuster that were most convincing. The three winning projects offer statements on and pose questions about our society.

Pedro Cabrita Reis, 2013, Venedig,

Pedro Cabrita. Reis ASSEMBLY

Summer 2021

Portugal’s most important sculptor today, Pedro Cabrita Reis (* 1956), a frequent participator at the Venice Biennale or the Kassel documenta and someone working at the intersection between art and architecture, has engaged intensively with the brick architecture of southern Styria.

NOSW Fahrt 2019, Route N, „Traum und Utopie“,

NOSW. Nie Ohne Seife Waschen (Never Wash Without Soap)

Four dates yet to be decided for 2021

NOSW –Nie ohne Seife Waschen (Never Wash Without Soap) is a successful project in the educational area. Four newly created journeys on specific themes are offered alongside diverse works of art in public space in the four points of the compass of Styria. In this way, new discoveries can be jointly experienced and made the subject of discussion.

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