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Overview of all museum sites

Our museums are some of the most popular attractions in Graz! Founded as Austria’s first public museum in 1811, the Universalmuseum Joanneum presents a broad range of history, art, culture and nature at 14 architecturally valuable sites in Graz and Styria.

The Universalmuseum Joanneum is considered the biggest of its kind in Central Europe. About 4,9 million items in the collections form the basis of a richly faceted ‘universal’ exhibition and events schedule.

Our museums in Graz

1 Landeszeughaus, 2 Kunsthaus Graz, 3 Museum für Geschichte, 4 Schloss Eggenberg (Prunkräume und Gärten, Alte Galerie, Archäologiemuseum, Münzkabinett), 5 Joanneumsviertel (Neue Galerie Graz, Bruseum, Naturkundemuseum, CoSA - Center of Science Activities), 6 Studienzentrum Naturkunde, 7 Volkskundemuseum, 8 Kunst im öffentlichen Raum

1 Styrian Armoury, 2 Kunsthaus Graz, 3 History Museum, 4 Schloss Eggenberg (State Rooms and Gardens, Alte Galerie, Archaeology Museum, Coin Cabinett), 5 Joanneumsviertel (Neue Galerie Graz, Bruseum, Natural History Museum, CoSA - Center of Science Activities), 6 Centre of Natural History, 7 Folk Life Museum, 8 Institute of Art in Public Space

 Old Art, Culture, History

Styrian Armoury


The Styrian Armoury was once the most important armoury in the south-eastern region of the Habsburg Empire and recalls the warring part of Styria.


Folk Life Museum


The new Folk Life Museum tells of different lifestyles, social and cultural change and how changes in everyday life shape and move us.


Ansicht, Gesammelte Geschichte, Schaudepot,

History Museum


The combination of the Cultural History Collection and the Multimedia Collection presents the history of Styrian society from various perspectives from the high middle ages to the present. more...

World Heritage Schloss Eggenberg


Schloss Eggenberg with its State Rooms and Gardens is among the most significant ensembles of the 17th and 18th century in Austria. In August 2010, the existing World Heritage site "Graz – Historic Centre" was extended to include Schloss Eggenberg.


Alte Galerie

Schloss Eggenberg

Impressive art from the High Middle Ages to the end of the Baroque period: the Alte Galerie presents masterpieces from European history of art over seven centuries.


Archaeology Museum

Schloss Eggenberg

Globally unique findings such as the ‘Cult Wagon of Strettweg’ and other archaeological treasures are the springboard for posing delving questions into human existence.


Coin Cabinet

Schloss Eggenberg

The second largest coin collection in Austria retraces the history of coins in Styria, presenting fascinating precious findings, as well as the finest pieces from Graz Mint.


 Modern and Contemporary Art

Kunsthaus Graz


Here art is produced on site and transformed in a relationship with architecture, design and the historical collection of the Universalmuseum Joanneum. With the stress on experimentation and participation, art is seen as a tool for perceiving more clearly one’s own world.


Neutorgasse facade,

Neue Galerie Graz and BRUSEUM


The collection of the Neue Galerie Graz spans a fascinating range from the 19th century to international contemporary art. A permanent exhibition dedicated to the internationally renowned Styrian contemporary artist Günter Brus.


 Nature and Science

Natural History Museum


The Natural History Museum invites you to a undertake a foray into earth’s history, in the course of which life and living creatures have undergone fundamental change many times. more...

„CoSA_A(R)dventure“, room "Aurora Borealis",

CoSA - Center of Science Activities

New at Joanneumsviertel

The CoSA – Center of Science Activities is a science centre dedicated primarily to natural sciences and technology, designed for young people of 12 and over. 


Centre of Natural History

Weinzöttlstraße - by appointment only

The Centre of Natural History, with its modern storage facilities, working areas, laboratories and a natural history library, offers the ideal conditions for preserving and researching natural history collections.


13 museums from the Universalmuseum Joanneum were awarded the Austrian seal of approval for museums by ICOM Austria and Museumsbund Austria.

Our sites in Styria

7 Flavia Solva, 8 Tierwelt Herberstein, 9 Rosegger-Geburtshaus Alpl, 10 Rosegger-Museum Krieglach, 11 Schloss Trautenfels, 12 Österreichisches Freilichtmuseum Stübing, 13 Jagdmuseum und Landwirtschaftsmuseum Schloss Stainz, 14 Österreichischer Skulpturenpark

7 Flavia Solva, 8 Tierwelt Herberstein, 9 Rosegger’s Birthplace, 10 Rosegger Museum Krieglach, 11 Schloss Trautenfels, 12 Austrian Open-Air Museum Stübing, 13 Hunting Museum and Agriculture Museum Schloss Stainz, 14 Austrian Sculpture Park

 Old Art, Culture, History

Village pond,

Austrian Open-Air Museum Stübing

The Austrian Open-Air Museum Stübing is one of the 10 major and central open-air museums in Europe. 100 original farm buildings tell the exciting stories of construction, living, working and celebrating - in short, the life of the farming population of days gone by. 


Schloss Trautenfels


Multi-layered exhibitions on the history, culture and nature of the Liezen area as well as the themes specific to the region set in both a national and international context have made Schloss Trautenfels a popular cultural location. more...

Hunting Museum and Agriculture Museum Schloss Stainz


Historical weapons, splendid art works and all that’s worth knowing about the ecology of game and hunting: Austria’s largest hunting museum shows how deeply embedded the phenomenon of hunting is in our culture. The Agriculture Museum depicts agricultural production and peasant life throughout the ages with historical objects and interactive media.


Foto: UMJ/N. Lackner

Flavia Solva

Wagna - accessible all year round

The 130-year old research history of the only Roman city in Styria is shown in the form of a glass cabinet that can be walked around.


Peter Roseggers Geburtshaus Kluppeneggerhof am Alpl

Rosegger’s Birthplace


In his texts Peter Rosegger often drew upon the memories of his childhood on the Alpl, where even today his birthplace reminds us of the simple living conditions of those times. more...

 Modern and Contemporary Art

Art in Public Space

Projects in Graz and Styria

Initialisation, and the best possible support of art projects that are realised outside closed spaces and museums in real-world as well as in digital, virtual space, form the pillars of the Institute of Art in Public Space. more...

Austrian Sculpture Park


More than 70 contemporary sculptures unfold in open-air architecture spread over 7 hectares, making the park a unique ‘oasis of deceleration’.



Tierwelt Herberstein, Grüne Meerkatze

Herberstein Animal World

Styrian State Animal Garden with 85 animal species from five continents. Great experiences for young and old!


Universalmuseum Joanneum

19 Museen und 1 Zoo in Graz und der Steiermark
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