Open, single-stage project competition followed by direct award of an artistic short film on the subject of “border/s” to be broadcast in September 2019 on ORF 2 before “Steiermark heute”.


1. General


Universalmuseum Joanneum GmbH / Institute for Art in Public Space Styria (“KiöR”)

Mariahilferstraße 2-4, A-8020 Graz


KIÖR office address: Marienplatz 1/1, 8020 Graz


Cooperation partner:

ORF Steiermark



Artistic short film on the subject “border/s”



Direct award with previous announcement


Deadline for entries:

5 July 2019, 11:00 CET (receipt)


It is pointed out that the estimated value of the commission is below the limit for direct award. The planned project competition can thus be regarded as market exploration for subsequent direct award of the commission to the selected artist(s). The rules of the Federal Awards Act 2006 (“BVergG 2006”) concerning procedures below the limit or competitions do not apply. This project competition and subsequent direct award are governed solely by the following provisions of this call for entries and by the provisions pursuant to BVergG 2006, as amended, concerning direct award.


2. Theme and objective

The aim is to create thirty-second short films on the subject “border/s” that interpret this theme artistically.


The selected short films will be broadcast in September 2019 (exact dates to be announced) on television throughout Styria on ORF2 immediately before “Steiermark heute” on a total of fifteen air dates (see section 8) and will be available in the ORF Mediathek (media library).

An intro with the name of the respective artists and the title of the short film will be added by ORF Steiermark.


A total of up to three winners will be chosen.


3. Target group

The call for entries is intended for artists and students or graduates (aged 18 or older) of an art, graphic design or film course.


ORF Steiermark is a public broadcaster and thus targets a heterogeneous, wide-ranging group of viewers including children. KiöR and ORF Steiermark are entitled to exclude short films from participating in the competition if they are deemed to contain inappropriate content.


4. Submission

The competition entrant is invited to upload his/her short film in digital form to the specially created subsite:

All further information is also available from this address.


5. Technical requirements for short films

a) Format for online submission

Duration of video: max. 30 seconds

Frame rate: 25 frames/second

Format: MP-4 movie with H264 codec

Aspect ratio: 16:9


b) Formats for broadcast on ORF2

(only applies to the competition winners)

Aspect ratio: 16:9, 1920x1080

Colour mode: RGB or sRGB

Resolution: 72 ppi

Format: Container: MXF

Codec: XDCAM HD 422 (=1920x1080, 50 Mbit, 4:2:2, YUV, Interlaced, upper field, colour space BT. 709/HD-Norm)

AVI: 1920x1080; alternative Codecs: ProRes 422, ProRes 422 HQ, ProRes 4444, Avid DNxHD, or MPEG-4/H.264 - H.265, starting from 25 Mbit

Frame rate: 25 Frames/Interlaced (upper field)

Audio: PCM Stereo, 48 kHz, 24 Bit

Level/loudness: -23 LUFS or mix to -9 dB


c) Text sizes

In order to ensure that your information can be read without any problems on all TVs, the font size of the text elements should not be smaller than 40pt. (This figure is based on our standard resolution of 1920x1080 px at 72 dpi)


d) Animation

See same specifications like 5.b


6. Schedule

- Call for entries begins March 2019

- Deadline for entries: 5 July 2019, 11:00 CET (receipt)

- Jury meeting, notification and preparation of the short films: July/August 2019

- Presentation at ORF Landesstudio Steiermark in August 2019

- Broadcast: September 2019 (15 air dates)


7. Presentation medium

Immediately before “Steiermark heute” (daily at 19:00 on ORF2)

Information regarding the interests of the various Federal provinces: the nine regional ORF studios use the “Bundesland heute” programme to provide viewers in Burgenland, Lower Austria, Upper Austria, Salzburg, Carinthia, Styria, Tirol, Vorarlberg and Vienna with daily information.

Current affairs reports from the Federal provinces focus on regional and municipal interests and topics.

Whether it is regional politics or business, culture or society, customs or sports: all topics important to the audience in the Federal provinces are covered in the “Bundesland heute” programme.

When the nine regional versions of “Bundesland heute” launched on 2 May 1988, ORF introduced TV regionalisation and thus ushered in a new age of information for the ORF audience.


8. Broadcast of the selected short films

The short films will be broadcast immediately before “Steiermark heute” (daily at 19:00 on ORF2). Intro with the name of the respective artists and the title of the short film added by ORF Steiermark followed by the thirty-second short film.

Frequency: the selected short films will be shown alternately (one short film per day) daily immediately before “Steiermark heute” on a total of fifteen air dates.


9. Procedure

a) Type of procedure

Project competition for an artistic short film on the subject “border/s” followed by direct award.


b) Mode of procedure

b1) The competition entrants are invited to upload their short film by 3/7/2019, 11:00 CET, in digital form (see section 5 Technical requirements for short films), to the specially created subsite:

and to fill in a project description and the contact form.


b2) Short films that do not meet the specifications of this call for entries (see sections 3+5) will not be considered. Short films by artists who do not meet the specifications of this call for entries will not be considered either. No separate notification will be given regarding films that are not considered.


b3) If more than fifty short films are uploaded to the above subsite, we will shortlist the works remotely to be judged in the subsequent meeting of the jury. Shortlisting will be performed based on the following criteria:

- Reference to topic "border/s" and

- Artistic quality


b4) The short films uploaded by the competition entrants will be judged in a jury meeting in July/August 2019 based on the specified judging criteria. Up to three winners will be selected.


b5) Winners will be chosen based on the following judging criteria; equal importance is attached to each of the judging criteria:

- Reference to the topic "border/s"

- Current relevance

- Artistic quality

- The content should convince the TV audience


b6) The winners will be notified soon after being chosen and will be commissioned in the form of a direct award.

The Agreement is concluded by and between the winners and KIÖR. Entry documents will not be returned.


10. Jury

The jury consists of experts invited by KiöR and ORF Steiermark. The experts of the jury will remain anonymous until announcement of the prize-winners.


11. Granting of rights

a) Rights in the short films

Copyright to the uploaded short films belongs exclusively to the competition entrants. With the exception of the rights granted in the following, only they are entitled to dispose of the short films. By uploading a short film, the artist grants KIÖR and ORF Steiermark the right to reproduce an appropriate number of copies of the film for the jury members and to present it at the jury meeting.


With regard to winning short films, the competition entrants grant the rights described below:


b) Granting of rights

By uploading the short films pursuant to section 5, the competition entrants irrevocably grant KIÖR and ORF Steiermark the exclusive right to use the short films without limitation in terms of subject, place or time. KIÖR and ORF Steiermark are entitled to use the short films in any manner known now or in the future, either themselves or through third parties, and to make them known by publishing them, particularly to reproduce, disseminate, to transfer or broadcast them in wireless or wired form, to perform and to make them available (“Werknutzungsrecht” / right of use). Whenever the work is used, the competition entrant(s) must be indicated as the author(s). KIÖR and ORF Steiermark are specifically entitled, without being obliged to pay any compensation, to broadcast, disseminate, reproduce or publish the uploaded short films, in whole or in part, in other forms, for instance advertisements announcing the competition or reports on the competition in their own or other publications, and to use them for advertising purposes. Excluded from this right of use, and requiring a separate agreement, is any other profitable or commercial exploitation of the short films for purposes other than presenting the competition or the activities of KIÖR and ORF Steiermark.


c) Declaration of the competition entrants

The competition entrants declare that they are the sole authors of the short films and the necessary materials and/or are in possession of the necessary rights to enter the short film and to transfer rights in the work to KIÖR and ORF Steiermark and, particularly, that they have not unlawfully taken any parts from the content of other works in the sense of copyright law, and also that they are in possession of all necessary permissions and consents for any individuals or artworks depicted. The competition entrants indemnify and hold KIÖR and ORF Steiermark harmless for any third-party claims due to asserted violations of rights ensuing from use of the short films within the scope of the granting of rights, including lawyer’s fees and court costs.


12. Prize-moneys

The net prize-money is €5000.- for the first prize-winners, €3000.- for the second prize-winners, and €2000.- for the third prize-winners. The jury reserves the right to select up to 3 prize-winners. In the event of only one prize-winner being selected, the prize-moneys will not be added together.


This covers the granting of rights. Additional reimbursement of costs is excluded.

All winners selected at the jury meeting receive this prize-money.

If required, prize-winners will be reimbursed by KiöR for travel expenses to take part in the presentation of prizes.


13. Reimbursement of costs

Competition entrants who do not win will not receive any reimbursement of costs.


14. Return of the short films

The short films uploaded to the KIÖR subsite and any copies made for the jury that are not from the selected winners will be deleted by the end of November 2019. The short films will not be returned. The competition entrant is therefore responsible for creating a backup of the short film himself/herself.

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