Wasser Biennale 2020-2021

Opening: Saturday, August 1, 2020 at 6 PM

Venue: various, 8280 Fürstenfeld

The Wasser Biennale (water biennial) Yahoos-Garden was founded by Günther Pedrotti and Franz Rauchenberger in 2008. It is a project biennial which uses the medium water for temporary artistic interventions in public space. As such, the project's ambivalent name choice is programmatic: 

Yahoos – as they are described in Jonathan Swift's fanstatic-satiric travel novel Gulliver's Travels – are wild humanoid mixed creatures. They behave compulsively and uncontrollably and function as the superhuman horses' servants.

The name of the internet search engine Yahoo! derives from Swift's novel but can also be understood as acronym and as direct meaning of "genuine". A mere name provides grounds to open a broad field of meanings: originality and service as junctions for a reflection on our perceptive sensibilities in our daily lives. 


Nina Markart, Fluctugraph
Anne Glassner, Nicole Krenn, Mona Rabofsky, Vocal Naps-Flow III
Nicole Krenn, Marmorsilo



Nina Markart, Fluctugraph mit Biber & Co.
Alice von Alten, Soli Insieme
Günther Pedrotti, Baubeginn

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