David Reumüller

Untitled, 2020


Opening: Friday, Oktober 16, 2020, at 4 PM

Venue: Neues Volkshaus, Hans-Resel-Gasse 2, 8720 Knittelfeld

Opposite the Kulturhaus in Knittelfeld stands the building that once housed the local headquarters of the Austrian Social Democratic Party, the adult education center and Chamber of Labor.

Peculiar net structures have successively been laid with incredible verve around this house, which has been slated for demolition. Like an impenetrable web, they distort a man-made, special-purpose, multifunctional building from the 1960s. Just before the edifice is to be pulled down, of all times, the relationship between becoming and ceasing to be, appearing and disappearing, memories and future visions is clearly and publicly brought into consciousness, reflected upon and discussed. Questions such as What is this supposed to mean? What is the point? What relevance does this action have in terms of its short-term nature? What is to happen here next? are posed in and for the public, social, cultural and communal space and aspect. Other queries like Is this a pattern or a texture? Is this camouflage or disclosure? similarly arise.

In a unique manifestation, an oversized drawing conveys cohesion and disintegration, concealment and visualization. As a consequence, we can perceive various levels of reality at the same time or switch between them. Depending on the depth of field setting in terms of content and form, depending on the zoom and viewing location, diverse images and worlds of imagination open up. Different surfaces and depth effects alternate with one other and reveal complex variants of meanings and multiple layers.

With this picture-puzzle-like variety of possibilities, David Reumüller also opens insights into the diversity of being. If you wonder whether you are dealing with analog or digital reality here, both are true. Because we live in a neuronal world. Anatomically and biologically, the word “neuronal” refers to nerves and nerve cells, as well as to their functionality, i.e., a physical analogy. In computer science it refers to artificial networks that are constantly evolving and learning.

Reumüller utilizes this digitization, suggests algorithmic processes, but remains analog in his execution. We attempt to recognize a system, to decipher codes, to assign certain symbols or shapes to various cultures, dividing them and evaluating them. Do we only accept what is believed to be recognized as true or is it possible to recognize something behind it? These philosophical and analytical questions are formally addressed here and immediately palpable below the skin.

In fact, David Reumüller shrouded a real body with fabric, photographed it, and reassembled it on the computer to resemble a landscape. The resulting graphic was projected onto the building and applied to the wall by hand. There is a position from where the original form can be recognized. But if you move on, reality and imagination blur again. We become irritated and simultaneously concentrate suddenly on a construct that has gone unnoticed for a long time, shortly before it disappears.

- Elisabeth Fiedler

The art installation opened on October 16, 2020 and will be on view until December 6, 2020.

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