Inverting Battlefields

For a Borderless Future

Opening: June 2018
Curated by: Elisabeth Fiedler und Dirck Möllmann

Location: Feldbach

The XENOS Society has begun to engage with our culture and the countries on our borders. In cooperation with cultural institutions as well as committed citizens, artists from Slovenia, Croatia, Serbia, Bosnia-Herzegovina and Macedonia have been creating valuable works since early 2017 through their engagement with history in workshops and art events, all in support of a European cultural community that is based on the 1948 Declaration of Human Rights.

The special idea is to link these works with Styria. The Institute for Art in Public Space time and again carries out high-quality art projects outside of the provincial capital. Feldbach, a city rich in history as a border town, with depth from its past and an open vision of the future, is the Styrian partner and venue for the planned exhibition with corresponding works by both Styrian and international artists.

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