Nie Ohne Seife Waschen 2015

Invitation to 4 trips


N-O-S-W #3


In 2015, the Institute for Art in Public Space Styria invites you to the third instalment of the Sunday discovery excursions for small groups. The motto “NIE-OHNE-SEIFEN-WASCHEN” stays the same, i. e. there will be four trips starting out from Graz in the four directions of the compass, with a new programme and destinations.




The northbound trip reveals outstanding works that represent a kind of ménage of “art and church”, or rather a ménage-à-trois of “art, church and public sphere”. Othmar Krenn and Fritz Hartlauer, for example, engaged in an abstract examination of theological questions at the end of the 20th century, creating church spaces of suggestive spirituality. The generation working for the church today abstain from any grand gestures; with the aid of set pieces from everyday life and ironical allusions, they rely on the communicative effect of art, seeing themselves at the intersection of church and the public sphere.




Idyllic eastern Styria is not just a region of volcanoes and thermal springs excellently marketed for tourism, but also a site of production, adopted home, and personal retreat for many artists. One example is a sculptural work installed temporarily in public space in Graz and now retired to a garden in Feldbach. Conversely, sculptures from Feldbach have found their way to the city centre of Graz, leaving their “cast-off clothes”, the empty moulds, in the Loderer foundry.




In southern Styria, artistic “borderline experiences” await along the winding South Styrian Wine Road, that in places forms an invisible border between Styria and Slovenia, contrasting with the striking vestiges of border posts and customs houses in Spielfeld and Radkersburg. Tobias Rehberger’s installation “Wie der Wind weht” (2015) alludes playfully, breezily and yet memorably to changing relations, meanings and changes of direction (in people’s minds too!).




There’s digging going on in western Styria once again. While once it was opencast coal mining with the accompanying transport routes that brought about innovation, today the Koralm Tunnel now under construction is intended to be a European artery running from the Baltic States to the Adriatic. Artists weave their own junctions, move bridges, concrete railway stations …



N-O-S-W Dates




Fritz Hartlauer, Othmar Krenn, Valentin Ruhry, Gustav Troger, Markus Wilfling,

Erwin Wurm et al.

Sunday, 26.04.2015

10 am departure from Franz-Graf-Allee (Opera)

Return approx. 7 pm




Rudolf Brunner, Tue Greenfort, Clemens Hollerer, Karl Karner, Günther Pedrotti, Manfred Safr, Gustav Troger, Nasan Tur et al. 

Sunday, 31.05.2015 

10 am departure from Franz-Graf-Allee (Opera)

Return approx. 7 pm




Helene Baur / Joachim Baur, Tamara Grčić, Renate Kordon, Tobias Rehberger, Michael Schuster et al. 

Sunday, September 20th, 2015

10 am departure from Franz-Graf-Allee (Opera)

Return approx. 7 pm




Chris Burden, Helmut Dick, Michael Hieslmair / Michael Zinganel, Viktor Kröll, Christian Marczik / Herbert Soltys, Hans Schabus, Werner Schimpl, Manfred Wakolbinger et al.

Sunday, October 4th, 2015

10 am departure from Franz-Graf-Allee (Opera)

Return approx. 7 pm



N-O-S-W Application

Please register for the outings at Institut für Kunst im öffentlichen Raum Steiermark:

Johannes Leitich, T +43.316.8017-9265 no later than the Wednesday preceding the trips.

Bus travel is free of charge, exhibition entrance tickets and meals during lunch breaks are payable by participants directly.





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