Nicole Pruckermayr and Reni Hofmüller

Sound Bath


The 30km-long Mühlgang canal that winds its way – almost unnoticed and in parts underground – through the city of Graz is a former branch of the river Mur, that has served as an urban industrial site since the 13th century. While its water used to power a number of mills, today it drives several power stations.


Reni Hofmüller and Nicole Pruckermayr’s interest in the stretch of water, its long history, and current use resulted in their “Klangbad” project, in which they examine the phenomenon of “water” in various different ways. To begin with, they deploy a small generator with a turbine, as used on sailing-yachts. The generator is hung in the current of the Mühlgang, generating electricity for the equipment required for the art project. An important aspect for the two artists is to point out that only the presence of electric current enables the artistic activities taking place in a garden on the banks of the Mühlgang. For this reason they use distinctive red and orange hoses to draw attention to the presence of the instruments that are usually well concealed: the current-carrying cables and associated equipment.


The art project not only aims to illustrate the generation and flowing of electric current, but also to allow us to hear the origin of this energy, the element water in motion. To this end, Hofmüller and Pruckermayr record the sounds of the underwater world at very different, distinctive points along the Mühlgang, following the course of this canal through the outer-city and inner-city area, projecting them into the garden, where the sounds, created, for example, in the water near power stations, in recreational areas, busy roads or where the river Mur intersects with other stretches of water can be heard through loudspeakers positioned at various points. The result is a very individual composition of sounds for the listeners – that also varies depending on their particular position. They are invited to immerse themselves in the acoustics of a completely unknown world, to take a sound-bath, or to step under the “sound-shower” provided for this event.


Kerstin Barnick-Braun




Kerstin Barnick-Braun (text)

Hannes Fiechtner, Thomas Musil (turbine technology)

Martin Huth (metal construction)

Gerd Langer (set-up)

Walther Moser (sound recordings)

Wolfgang Reinisch, Club der Nichtschwimmer (venue)

Ernesto Rico-Schmidt (hydropower consulting)

Maurice Rigaud (graphical project support)

Nikolaos Zachariadis (photography)


Many thanks to

Das Ältere Mühlconsortium, Eva Berghofer, Heimo Ecker-Eckhofen



Thuesday, 10.09.2015, at 5 pm

Exhibition by the Mühlgang canal, Rösselmühlpark / Postgarage.


Dr. Elisabeth Fiedler - Head of the Institute for Art in Public Space

Reni Hofmüller, Nicole Pruckermayr - Artists


MühlGANG walk

Saturday, 03.10.2015, 3 pm (weather permitting)

A walk around the city from a different perspective.


Meeting point

Volksgarten Crossing Weisseneggerstrasse / Mühlgang

We will be walking for about two hours, celebrating our exit from the canal at the South Bath.

Closing event

Sound fishing: Sunday, 18.10.2015, at 4 pm

Performance by Reni Hofmüller and Nicole Pruckermayr

MühlGANG walk

A walk around the city from a very different perspective.

This stream is abruptly and completely emptied, swept and renovated at regular intervals. We are taking advantage of this drainage time for a walk in the canal to reach hidden sites, to experience them in terms of space, and to explore them in terms of social aspects.

For reasons of safety, the number of participants is limited to 20, please send your binding registration to

Age 14+, good shoes and sense of responsibility required.


Book presentation

Friday, 01.07.2016, at 4 pm

Eichholzer Pavilion/Garden by the Rondo

Presentation of a publication about the Mühlgang canal in Graz.

Cultural, scientific and literary thoughts of Reni Hofmüller and Nicole Pruckermayr as part of the exhibition “Die Mur. Eine Kulturgeschichte”... 


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