Nie Ohne Seife Waschen 2019

Invitation to 4 trips

N-O-S-W #6


In 2019, the Institute for Art in Public Space Styria invites you to the fourth instalment of the Sunday discovery excursions for small groups. The motto “NIE-OHNE-SEIFEN-WASCHEN” stays the same, i. e. there will be four trips starting out from Graz in the four directions of the compass, with a new programme and destinations. I




10 am departure from Franz-Graf-Allee (Opera)

Return approx. 7 pm


Please Register for the ountings at Institut für Kunst im öffentlichen Raum Steiermark: Barbara Thaler, T +43.316.8017-9265 or no later than Wednesday preceding the trips.

Admission Fee €10, -



N-O-S-W #6 Dates



N - Nie / North Trip

Wolfgang Buchner, Konrad Frey, Brigitte Kowanz, Richard Kriesche, Marko Lulić, Erwin Wurm


Sunday, 28.04.2019


Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep? is the title of the dystopian novel by Philip K. Dick (Blade Runner), who notably cites not intelligence, but empathy as the distinguishing feature of man and machine. Our tour begins in the Terrassenhaussiedlung residential estate in Graz; the aim of this cast-concrete utopia was to allow residents co-determination, communication and individuality. The bus tour then goes on to Mürzzuschlag, and there’s every possibility that we will come across electric sheep (lawn robots) in the passing fields.



O - Ohne / EAST Trip

Anita Fuchs, Fritz Hartlauer, Hans Jandl, Rudi Molacek, Wolfgang Rahs, Manfred Safr, Hartmut Skerbisch


Sunday, 26.05.2019



In the cartographer’s world, the compass, plane table and inclinometer were used to measure the topography, while the master builder relied on the plumb and spirit-level to determine the vertical and the horizontal. Fritz Hartlauer’s cosmic view of art and the world based on the “primeval cell” is also founded on an orthogonal system consisting of self-similar structures, fractals. But the solidly built space in the cruciform system of coordinates offers only deceptive certainty, with Foucault’s pendulum proving that the Earth is spinning away beneath us.



S - Seife / South Trip

Christian Eisenberger, IRWIN, Edith Payer, Maruša Sagadin, Nika Špan, Renè Stessel, Markus Wilfling


Sunday, 01.09.2019



10 September is the 100th anniversary of the signing of the Peace Treaty of Saint-Germain and thus the drawing of borders between Austria and Slovenia. This is occasion for the Institute for Art in Public Space Styria to launch a transdisciplinary art project that focuses on the stories and myths along the Slovenian border, marked by the rivers Mur and Kutschenitza, from Mureck to Klöch.



W - Waschen / WEST Trip

Joachim Baur, Bazon Brock, Herbert Eichholzer, Edith Felice, Fritz Panzer, Josef Pillhofer, Kurt Stadler, transparadiso


Sunday, 29.09.2019



“To find your way in the world, observe the starry sky”, a piece of paternal advice that has stuck in Bazon Brock’s memory. He has left his own, very substantial, traces in the wet concrete floor—in Prenning, where we can also follow the tracks of many other artist figures. Inside the city tower of Judenburg, we stare into the starry sky. Half of all matter of Earth has travelled exorbitant distances in outer space. We too are quite literally made of star dust.



N-S-O-W - conceived, reconnoitred, packed and accompanied by Alexandra Riewe.


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