Conference "Light"


Conference "Light"

20.-21.03.2015, 10am - 6pm


Joanneum District, Auditorium


8010 Graz


Free entry



The subject of Light is a seminal one for the future of our society. The revolutions in electric light technology also permit a responsible handling of natural resources so as to balance energy production, light pollution, health risks, and economic advantages. The exhibition will be accompanied by aninternational conference exploring the subject of light in cultural history and art, biology, architecture and technology. The key theme is light pollution. How can we manage the illuminated environment in an ecologically sensible, economically efficient, and aesthetically convincing way?



Timetable + Videos



Friday, 20.03.2015


11:00     Start of conference, Joanneum District, Auditorium

Welcome by Provincial Councillor for Cultural Affairs Dr. Christian Buchmann, Peter Pakesch, Elisabeth Fiedler


11:15    Serge Lemoine, Musée Grand Palais, Paris

Title: Light in the arts of 20th century 


12:00    Anselm Wagner, Institute of Architectural Theory, Art and Cultural Studies, TU Graz

Title: Monitoring. On the Cultural History of Artificial Light since Industrialization


12:30     Break


14:00     Käthe Klappenbach, Prussian Palaces and Gardens Foundation Berlin-Brandenburg

Title: The Light of Power. Illuminations and Candlesticks of the Prussian Emperors in its European context


14:45     Siegrun Appelt, artist, Vienna

Title: Slow Light


15:30     Maximilian Moser, Medical University Graz 

Title: Time Emitter. The Doings and Sufferings of Light


16:15    Final discussion, hosted by Sabine Flach



Saturday, 21.03.2015


10:00     Start of conference, Joanneum District


10:15     Birgit Schulz, head of Space and Light Laboratory, TU Graz

Title: Light and Space. The LightLab of the Institute for Spatial Design at TU Graz


11:00     Brian Cody, Institute of Building and Energy, TU Graz

Title: Light and energy


11:45     Klaus Kada, Graz, architect

Thema: Light and architecture


12:30     Break


14:00     Bernhard Inninger, Urban Planning Graz

Title: Light in the city of Graz


14:45     Karolina M. Zielinska-Dabkowska, University of Wismar, Faculty of Architecture and Design

Title: Who stole the Milky Way? Light pollution and its impact on urban and natural environments


15:30     Anna Wirz-Justice, Psychiatric University Clinic Basel

Title: Light and Psyche


16:15    Charlotte Remé, Ophthalmology, ETH Zürich

Title: Eye and vision: the bright and the dark side of light


17:00     Summary, hosted by Sabine Flach


17:45     End of the conference



The international conference takes place within the exhibition "Light" that shows three works of Siegrun Appelt, Joseph Kosuth and Michael Schuster in public space.