Cibic, Engsted, ILA, Fink, Hartl, Logar, Schafler, Troger, Vojna

Borderline, 2012


Jasmina Cibic (Slo), Soren Engsted (DK), Ila (A), Beba Fink (A), Klaus-Dieter Hartl (A), Ernst Logar (A), Klaus Schafler (A), Gustav Troger (A), Vojna (RU)



There is an inherent link between migration and mobility on the one hand and free movement of goods and capital on the other. In times marked by a crisis of capital, resurgent fascist tendencies in society, and civil disobedience, things are further aggravated by the European identity crisis and the failure of politicians to assume responsibility.


Over the past few months, issues such as borders, conflicts, movement of goods and capital, migration flows, mobility, and refugees have played a major role in European public discourse. Media coverage has repeatedly focused on the “Arab Spring”, the situation in and around the Mediterranean island of Lampedusa, the position of core European countries on refugees and the ensuing deportation strategies.


Not surprisingly, decision-making bodies in other countries tend to embrace this course and sanctioning strategies pursued by government agencies have developed a life of their own. Against this backdrop, civil society phenomena such as the attempt of entire communities to stop the deportation of well-integrated families can be seen as new forms of practicing tolerance, Christian love and/or civil disobedience.


Increased media coverage and the role of the media help advance such events on a meta-level. Accordingly, special attention will be paid in this project to a radicalisation of views in terms of media theory. It is issues such as these that engender a re-politicization of art (production) and Borderline sets out to bring this development into focus.


Artists, art collectives and theorists were invited critically to examine the subject of “border and mobility” with all its ramifications and to present their findings as part of the European Capital of Culture 2012 in the Maribor public space during the Austrian Cultural Month in October.


Michael Petrowitsch



Publication / documentary catalogue with texts by (among others):

Kien Nghi Ha, Marina Gržinić, Mark Terkessidis, Walter Seidl, Lana Zdravković, Norbert Mappes-Niediek



Opening: Saturday, 06.10.2012, 3 pm


Curator: Michael Petrowitsch


Meeting point: Main Translation, Maribor (SLO) 



Art in Public Space

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8020 Graz, Österreich
T +43-316/8017-9265



Main Trainstation

Partizanska cesta 50

2000 Maribor




Elisabeth Fiedler und Michael Petrowitsch (Hrsg.), Borderline,

Verlag Bibliothek der Provinz

Weitra, 2013

Deutsch / Srpski / English 

159 Pages

ISBN 978-3-99028-271-7