We can do it!

XENOS (Maryam Mohammadi and Joachim Hainzl)


Opening: Oktober 18, 2021, 5 PM

Location: Europaplatz, Area "Golden Eye", 8020 Graz

September 11 marked the 20th anniversary of the al-Qaeda terrorist attacks in the United States. The Western military intervention in Afghanistan ended in August 2021 and led to the renewed seizure of power by the Taliban. Styria has been a place of refuge for Afghans for many years. The majority of unaccompanied minors were followed by many Afghan families during the flight movement in 2015.

The photographic works now presented in the public space of the Human Rights City Graz tell of what Afghan Styrian women have achieved in just a few years and how they use their freedoms. "We can do it!" also stands for Angela Merkel's statement on the implementation of a positive culture of welcome instead of a policy of isolation and Eurocentric arrogance. In the discourse events, the Afghan women portrayed have their own say.


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