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XENOS (Maryam Mohammadi and Joachim Hainzl)

18.10.-06.11.2021 Art in Public Space

In addition to the photographic works of the life of Afghan women at Europaplatz, the XENOS association offers a varied range of art talks and discussions on the topic. more ...


Anderwald + Grond

Construction site as far as the eye can see: revisited

01.10.-31.12.2021 Art in Public Space

To mark the tenth anniversary of the completion of the Joanneum Quarter, KiöR is publishing the pictorial supplements on the construction site designed by Anderwald + Grond as a collection. more ...

Project, Installation

Elevate Arts 2021

Elevate Festival

04.08.-28.08.2021 Art in Public Space

In cooperation with the Institute for Art in Public Space Styria, Elevate has invited Brian Eno and Zanshin to Graz this year. more ...

Project, Workshop, Presentation


Book presentation in and around Graz

01.07.-04.07.2021 19:00-21:00 Art in Public Space

In the form of a city tour, GrazRand focuses on the periphery: for one week, an interdisciplinary team investigated the city's borderline. more ...

Project, Temporary installation

Alfred Lenz


24.06.-08.10.2021 Art in Public Space

Art room at the Landesstraße 201 in Studenzen. more ...

Project, Installation, Literature, Temporary installation, Presentation

Grazer Poesieautomaten

A lyrical in(ter)vention in urban space by Matthias Göritz

28.05.2021-03.02.2022 Art in Public Space

Three vending machines, normally filled with children's toys, refreshing sweets or condoms, now dispense poetry. They are located in the inner city of Graz in the Joanneum quarter, on the Schloßberg and at the Forum Stadtpark. more ...

Guided Tours, Artist's Talk, Thementag, Exkursion

Wednesdays at the Mobile Pavilion

Guided walks with Alexandra Riewe

Art in Public Space

Alexandra Riewe invites you to visit the mobile pavilion as part of the STEIERMARK SCHAU 2021 and accompanies site-specific tours of art in public space. more ...

Project, Installation, Film


24/7 Open-Air Cinema

Art in Public Space

This year, the centrally located pavilion architecture in Graz will once again become an open-air cinema that is open non-stop. more ...

Project, Installation

Orange the World

2020 Campaign

25.11.-10.12.2020 Art in Public Space

During the 16 days dedicated to raising awareness for violence against women and girls, our display at NonStopScheiner shines in bright orange. more ...

Project, Installation

David Reumüller

Untitled, 2020

16.10.-06.12.2020 Art in Public Space

David Reumüller's untitled net structure encompasses a house in Knittelfeld for about two months. The multifunctional building from the 1960s has been slated for demolition. more ...

Project, Installation, Performance, Temporary installation

07.10.2020 19:30 Art in Public Space

The new city balcony on the bank of the Mur near Radetzkybrücke became a stage: Josef Klammer and Seppo Gründler conceived a performance with sound, light and text for this location. more ...

Project, Installation

Catrin Bolt

Privater EU-Grenzzaun

Art in Public Space

Catrin Bolt offers the erection of a part of the EU border fence in Styria on online platforms and via postcard distribution. In Fall 2020, the fence was constructed along a private home's garden in Graz. more ...

Project, Temporary installation

KiöR supports...

kunstraum_8020, Wohnen bei Benjamin und Brecht

24.09.-17.10.2020 Art in Public Space

Apartments for rent on a temporary basis as part of an art project. more ...



18.09.-04.10.2020 Art in Public Space

OEVERwerk opened the doors of the Rösselmühle, a mill in Graz, to approach this working and living space from various perspectives. more ...


Christoph Schlingensief

Die Grazer Aktionen – Memories, Contexts, Present

20.08.-30.08.2020 Art in Public Space

Memories of Christoph Schlingensief's "Grazer Aktionen" were confronted with selected projects by current artists by the aid of archive material, photos and movies. more ...


Wasser Biennale 2020-2021

Art in Public Space

The Wasser Biennale (water biennial) Yahoos-Garden is a project biennial which uses the medium water for temporary artistic interventions in public space. more ...


NonStopScheiner 2020

09.03.-26.10.2020 Art in Public Space

Performances and installations at the public pavillon NonStopScheiner in Graz in 2020. more ...


Elevate Arts 2020

Elevate Festival

03.03.-07.03.2020 Art in Public Space

The art program in 2020 focused on the areas of virtual reality, art in public space and sound art. more ...


transborders. the exhibition

05.10.2019-29.02.2020 Art in Public Space

An artistic and documentary look back on the transdisciplinary festival of arts "transborders" at the border region Austria-Slovenia-Hungary in 2019. more ...



72 hours happening

29.08.-01.09.2019 Art in Public Space

A transdisciplinary art project in public space, interested in the situation, the history and the myths along the Styrian border. more ...


Nie Ohne Seife Waschen 2019

Invitation to 4 trips

Art in Public Space

more ...


Non Stop Scheiner

Art in Public Space

more ...

Event, Festival

Elevate Festival 2019: Truth

27.02.-03.03.2019 Art in Public Space

"Liquid Truth" is a generative data sculpture that intercepts Twitter hashtags of 'truth and 'fake in real time. more ...


Vitrine im öffentlichen Raum

01.02.-31.12.2019 Art in Public Space

more ...

Project, Installation

Milica Tomić

Exhibiting at a Trowel's Edge

21.09.-14.10.2018 Art in Public Space

Milica Tomić's project developed especially for steirischer herbst was the first stage of a work in progress. Excavating soil from the site of the former forced labour camp, she transferred it into the exhibition space. more ...


KIÖR supports…

925 - Experiments from and with Verena Rotky

16.07.-22.07.2018 09:00-17:00 Art in Public Space

more ...


Musger Motion Blur

Clemens Luser

Art in Public Space

Opening: 29.06.2018 more ...


Inverting Battlefields

For a Borderless Future

Art in Public Space

Opening: June 2018 more ...


Nie Ohne Seife Waschen 2016

Invitation to 4 trips

06.05.-07.10.2018 Art in Public Space

more ...


Comrade Conrade

Democracy and Peace on the Streets

06.12.2017-09.12.2018 Art in Public Space

Opening: September 2018 more ...

Art in Public Space

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