Wasser Biennale 2020-2021

Art in Public Space

The Wasser Biennale (water biennial) Yahoos-Garden is a project biennial which uses the medium water for temporary artistic interventions in public space. more ...

Project, Installation, Film


24/7 Open-Air Cinema

Art in Public Space

This year, the centrally located pavilion architecture in Graz will once again become an open-air cinema that is open non-stop. more ...

Guided Tours, Artist's Talk, Thementag, Exkursion

Wednesdays at the Mobile Pavilion

Guided walks with Alexandra Riewe

Art in Public Space

Alexandra Riewe invites you to visit the mobile pavilion as part of the STEIERMARK SCHAU 2021 and accompanies site-specific tours of art in public space. more ...

Project, Installation, Literature, Temporary installation, Presentation

Grazer Poesieautomaten

A lyrical in(ter)vention in urban space by Matthias Göritz

28.05.-14.12.2021 Art in Public Space

Three vending machines, normally filled with children's toys, refreshing sweets or condoms, now dispense poetry. They are located in the inner city of Graz in the Joanneum quarter, on the Schloßberg and at the Forum Stadtpark. more ...

Project, Temporary installation

Alfred Lenz


24.06.-08.10.2021 Art in Public Space

Art room at the Landesstraße 201 in Studenzen. more ...


Project, Installation

Elevate Arts 2021

Elevate Festival

04.08.-28.08.2021 Art in Public Space

In cooperation with the Institute for Art in Public Space Styria, Elevate has invited Brian Eno and Zanshin to Graz this year. more ...

Art in Public Space

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