Hartmut Skerbisch

Gartenlabyrinth (Garden Labyrinth)

Opening: 2007/2019

The Gartenlabyrinth (garden labyrinth) has been re-adapted and since summer 2019 has consisted of around 1900 plants (evergreen honeysuckle, Lonicera). On this lawn once perceived as a dividing line, Hartmut Skerbisch collaborated with local residents to design a space for meetings and recreation.

Here, Skerbisch—a prober of universal laws and structures inherent in the Earth—illustrated the connection between world, human being, and movement in a central and, at the same time, boundlessly radiating sculpture. Similar to a droplet falling into calm water, creating endless ripples, he placed a central steel point in the field. Six steel petals growing out of this point at an angle of sixty degrees create endlessly spiralling lines that connect us all. These lines are made visible and traversable by paths whose edges consist of low-growing evergreen honeysuckle.

A peaceful retreat, this garden labyrinth allows us to concentrate on ourselves or engage in conversation, we can also deliberately lose ourselves and allow our thoughts to roam. It invites us to encounter, to play, stroll or reflect in the “Triester District” dominated by noise and traffic, and it welcomes us.

The project was the result of an initiative of kunstGarten in cooperation with the Institute for Art in Public Space Styria and was handed over to the City of Graz.

Art in Public Space

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