Atelier Van Lieshout

Drei Grazien (Three Graces)

Opening: October 2019

The distinctive character of the market town of Wies is owed to the wide range of natural forms to be found here, its importance as a place of cult worship, its settlement since the Hallstatt period, its function as an erstwhile place of pilgrimage and trading post, and its economic importance, from mining, the glass industry or viticulture to technological innovation.


At the central roundabout of Wies, as a sign of openness, Three Graces of peaceable aspectwelcome us to the area. Reminiscent of the depiction of ancient Venus figures, they embody generosity, creativity and beauty. In a state of inward repose, they tell of coming and going, of becoming and passing away, and thus of our existence.


Based upon the ideal number 3 and set at the meeting point of three roads, the sculptures appear to have ascended from the depths. Myths converge in the present with expectations for the future and dreams. As a result, the figures, that can be discovered anew from every angle, inspire ever-different ways of seeing things. As such, they remain in constant motion, at the same time radiating a sense of calm. They encourage new narratives of community, strength, communication, empathy, new beginnings, encounter and gathering that we can invent, recount, write and live anew.


- Elisabeth Fiedler

Art in Public Space

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roundabout, 8551 Wies
46°43'07.1"N 15°15'16.8"E