transparadiso (Barbara Holub/Paul Rajakovics)

Paradise Enterprise (Judenburg), 2013

transparadiso is working on Paradise Enterprise, a project set in the long-vanished paradise garden of the former convent in Judenburg, from 2012 to 2104. With the aid of artistic tools and strategies transparadiso deploys the method of Direct Urbanism to develop long-term perspectives for municipalities. Based on the one-time paradise garden of the former convent, it is planned to implement various artistic, urban interventions along the river Mur. All of these interventions are regarded as urban instruments designed to spotlight the qualities of this area of the river Mur that has rather fallen by the wayside. The interventions are coordinated together with planning of this valuable urban area, which has already commenced. In order to develop future prospects above all for young people, transparadiso formulated a two-stage concept whose first step is to get young people actively involved through urban interventions. A longer-term concept for developing Judenburg is elaborated on this basis, taking social issues into account. In order to open up new perspectives for Judenburg at the necessary level of complexity, transparadiso is preparing the context for art projects in public space. 


transparadiso was founded by Paul Rajakovics (architect and urbanist) and Barbara Holub (artist) as a platform for advanced urban practice in 1999. transparadiso researches and develops strategies for action and communication regarding current questions of urban planning. The focus is on interdisciplinary links between art, urbanism and architecture, theory and practice. Alongside urban planning and urban design, Direct Urbanism is a third method of implementing sociocultural projects, particularly in small and mid-sized cities.


Paradise Enterprise Stufe 1
Information about transparadiso 2012-2014

Exhibition: Atelier Kaserngasse, Kaserngasse 16, Judenburg


Paradise Enterprise

Stefan Demming, Folke Köbberling, Christine and Irene Hohenbüchler, transparadiso, students of the Vienna University of Technology


Exhibition opening: Thursday, 15.05.2014, 6 pm


Duration: 16.05.-03.06.2014

Realisation of projects: former paradise garden


Stefan Demming (Berlin)
DIE KLEINSTE SHOW DER WELT 2 - ein Wanderzirkus
Opening: 16.05.2014, 3 pm, with two video installations

Just journey with them in the camper and The ShowShow in the little big top are open every day from 4 pm to 10 pm from 16.05. to 25.05.2014, in between: Sideshow for everyone.

Folke Köbberling (Köbberling/Kaltwasser, Berlin)
Girls Club - permanent installation in the long-vanished paradise garden
Opening: 28.06.2014, 3 pm,

Christine und Irene Hohenbüchler (Wien)
"... wir wollen BMX + pumptrack ..." - permanent installation in the long-vanished paradise garden
Opening: 27.07.2014, 3 pm, BMX-Bahn, at the former paradise garden 
Before: 25.-27.07.2014 Weltausstellung of the Missing Things

Paradise Enterprise is an initiative of transparadiso and is developed in cooperation with the municipality of Judenburg and the Institute for Art in Public Space Styria (Graz).


The project is sponsored by departure (Vienna).


Judenburg: Heinz Gradwohl (urban development), Heinz Mitteregger (urban marketing), Sibylle Rarej (culture), Gernot Dobrouschek (youth and sport), Désiree Steinwidder (Regional Youth Management Upper Styria).


Incooperation with Bundesgymnasium Judenburg and JUZ Judenburg (youth centre).


Thetransparadiso team: Jan Watzak-Helmer, Matthias Jahn, Sabine Ott (expedition equipment design), Michael Schultes (rescue box).