Thomas Baumann, Michael Schuster, Lois Weinberger

Sculptures at Joanneumsviertelplatz, 2013

Opening: 2.7.2013, 17h

Michael Schuster




[see image above]


By disconnecting his own handwriting – instead of disconnecting the visualisation of fundamental mechanisms – Michael Schuster develops his art, with which he says to us: there is no secret. In 1671 Isaac Newton made sunlight fall through a glass prism, in which several colours split up. Light, believed

up till then to be white, was thus scientifically fanned out and decoded. Starting from this discovery, Michael Schuster has built two prisms which occupy at a right angle both sides of a balcony of the building facing the Joanneum Quarter, and in which he uses the Primary colours of red, yellow and blue: on the longer side two primary colours open up respectively, on the shorter one the resulting blended colour unfolds. In the turning of the three-sided prisms, the mixing process can be immediately followed, like a colour circle. In the process the individual prisms rotate one after the other with a slight time lag, thereby creating a kind of domino effect. With great precision and aesthetic sense, Michael

Schuster presents not the shimmering in the brush stroke nor the masterly brilliance, rather the machineproduced entire spectrum, consistently removing any subjective components, within which all that is visible is shown. The unmixed colours remain potentially available for every picture, yet show no specific image. For the question here is of truth and the perception of reality, yet also of the construction of reality, with which we are constantly confronted. Thus this sculpture reflects as it were all possible forms of art and nature, which are shown, collected and processed in the Joanneum Quarter.



Lois Weinberger

Wild Cage – Ruderalgarten

Eine poetische Feldarbeit


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