Michael Schuster


Opening: 2008

Michael Schuster's text-light sculpture marks the joint main entrance of the two building parts W.E.I.Z. I and W.E.I.Z. II of the Competence Centre. With the text "MIT DER BITTE UM KENNTNISNAHME" (please take note) Schuster refers to processes in everyday business transactions and correspondence (un)language.

Complex control mechanisms change the colour of the typeface and insert a moving element into the architectural language, an element that on the one hand reflects the common organisational verbalisms and on the other hand, through the complicated technology used, the innovative claim of the research institutions in a signal-like way.

The body of the lettering is made of painted sheet steel. The opal plexiglass front panel is illuminated from the inside by Tridonic RGB LEDs (red-green-blue light-emitting diodes). Two of these letterings are mounted back to back, the front lettering sideways, the back lettering sideways, thus creating the sculpture. The back lettering is reflected in the glass of the entrance area and can thus be read sideways again. The RGB LEDs are controlled by a sequencer so that the back of the lettering shines in the complementary colour of the front.

*MIT DER BITTE UM KENNTNISNAHME appears in all the colours of the rainbow.

Realised in cooperation with the City of Weiz and the Energy Innovation Centre W.E.I.Z.


Art in Public Space

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