Werner Schimpl

Sonnenauge (Sun's Eye)

Opening: 2011

Werner Schimpl has been dealing with the dialectic of "inside and outside" for decades. The human eye – described by him as "our light organ" – is particularly emphasised in this art project as the link between the outside and the inside world.

The term 'farsightedness' refers not only to the landscape panorama from Koralm to Sulmtal, but rather to the necessity of an ecologically sustainable energy policy, a currently very relevant topic. The "iris of the eye," the element that absorbs light and energy, is formed by a 6 metre disc of solar cells.

The counterpart is a disc of light, 12 metres high, which is directly connected to the photovoltaic iris. This 'artificial sun' equalises the natural cycle of the solar system and allows the sun to shine 24 hours a day at this location.

An extension of the Sun's Eye project depends on the completion of the Koralm Tunnel, which will be carried out at this location at a depth of 70 metres. The insight into the processes under the earth's surface beneath this traffic junction will be made visible by a light momentum on the surface as the train travels through the tunnel.

Involved towns:
St. Martin/Sulmtal
St. Peter/Sulmtal



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