Manfred Safr

Interpretation – a cartographic spatial body

Opening: October 2014

The title of this work refers to a translation process. The course of a section of the river Feistritz as well as the villages of Bad Waltersdorf, Blaindorf, Gersdorf, Großhart/Auffen, Großsteinbach, Hartl, Kaibing, Kaindorf, Pischelsdorf, Siegersdorf, St. Johann and Tiefenbach are abstracted in the sculpture to a cartographic space. Seen in this way, the sculpture can also be interpreted as a self-portrait of the region Mittleres Feistritztal - Safental STADT.LAND.FLUSS.KUNST.

The viewer can move within the sculpture's lines and connection points, and perceive the landscape in a condensed and compressed form. The change of scale, the removal from the real space and the transformation into a cartographically-subtracted spatial body can support this process of reflection. 

 - Manfred Safr

Art in Public Space

Marienplatz 1/1
8020 Graz, Österreich
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8272 Auffen 20

A2 exit Sebersdorf

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