Politische Landschaft/Political landscape

Dirck Möllmann, Elisabeth Fiedler (eds.)


Dirck Möllmann, Elisabeth Fiedler

Text contributions by
Kirsty Bell, Elisabeth Fiedler, Martin Herbert, Dirck Möllmann, and others

Design, Layout
Johannes Schwark

Publication date

ISBN 978-3-956791-61-1
Properties: 210 x 135 mm, softcover, 195 pages, many coloured illustrations
Language(s): German/English
Press: Gallery Print Berlin
Publisher: Sternberg Press 

Price: € 19,90

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The Ausseerland and the partly inaccessible landscape of the Totes Gebirge look back on a turbulent political history. A great number of activity for and against Hitler's fascism focused there in the mid-1940s.

2015 marked the seventieth anniversary of the liberation of Europe from National Socialist totalitarianism. On this occasion, six art projects dedicated themselves to individual and collective memory. They are presented in more detail in this publication.

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