Line projects / Linienprojekte

Markus Jeschaunig

Elisabeth Fiedler, Institut für Kunst im öffentlichen Raum Steiermark


Executive Editor
Markus Jeschaunig


Design, Layout
Anja Jeschaunig, Margit Steidl


Text contributions by 
Aysen Ciravoglu (TR), Erwin Fiala (A), Elisabeth Fiedler (A), Werner Fenz (A), Markus Jeschaunig (A), Joost Meuwissen (NL), Wolfgang Oeggl (A) und Dieter Spath (A).


Publication date



ISBN: 978-3-99028-272-4
Properties: 240 x 160 mm, softcover, 180 pages, many coloured illustrations
Press: Steiermärkische Landesdruckerei GmbH
Language(s): Deutsch/Englisch
Publisher: Verlag Bibliothek der Provinz


Award winner at Das schönste Buch Österreichs 2014.


Price: € 23,40

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On 6 October 2012, artist Markus Jeschaunig travelled by airship along a line from Graz to Maribor and filmed a high-resolution ground image of the 56 km long landscape between the two Capitals of Culture. This publication documents Jeschaunig's cartographic work, from ISTANBUL on LINE (2007) to Urban Tomography (2010) and the Linienflug Graz-Maribor (2012). The texts by Aysen Ciravoglu, Werner Fenz, Erwin Fiala, Elisabeth Fiedler, Markus Jeschaunig, Joost Meuwissen, Wolfgang Oeggl and Dieter Spath shed light on the phenomenon of the 'line' as an instrument of spatial exploration and establish cross-references between mapping and action in Jeschaunig's artistic work.

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