46 Farben (46 Colours)

Tamara Grčić

Elisabeth Fiedler, Dirck Möllmann for the Institute of Art in Public Space Styria

Executive Editor
Tamara Grčić

Text contribution by
Dirck Möllmann

Publication date

ISBN 978-3-903004-05-4
Properties: 225 x 160 mm, softcover with dust jacket, 188 pages, many coloured illustrations
Language(s): German/English

Copy editor: Dr. Britta Schröder, Frankfurt am Main
Translator: Dawn Michelle d'Atri
Design: Harald Pridgar, Frankfurt am Main
Press: DZA Druckerei Altenburg GmbH
Publisher: Verlag für moderne Kunst

Price: € 23,–

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Tamara Grčić's sculpture project 46 Farben (46 Colours) refers to the natural-historical colour designations for rock samples. The artist allows colours to speak in various ways.

In a video shown in a museum space in Graz, 46 people are whispering the names of 46 colours. The same designations appear in ephemeral lettering in public space in the city of Graz before disappearing again: pupils from local schools use chalk to write the words onto city streets and also onto the walls of buildings. 46 mouth-blown bodies of glass are installed along a rock face at a protected natural site near Klöch in south-eastern Styria. Exhibition space, public urban space, and natural space—46 Farben interrelates three different places.

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