Museum. Human. Machine

Opportunities and challenges in working with artificial intelligence

22.02. - 23.02.2024

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22.02. - 23.02.2024


Museumsakademie Joanneum

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online via Zoom


120 €, reduced fee 90 € (The reduced fee is available to students, trainees, unemployed people, and employees of this year’s cooperation partners.)

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Artificial intelligence is currently omnipresent in public debate: Thanks to developments in the field of generative technologies, an ever-larger group of users is able to create new media or transform media content in practically no time at all. This provides new opportunities, but also poses challenges in dealing with text, image, and knowledge cultures. ‘Artificial intelligence’, as an issue of the digital transformation, is the subject of political and legal negotiations, ethical considerations, and economic interests – but how can a cultural and scholarly perspective offer a different look at technology? Museums and creative artists from around the world are already working on new approaches with the help of machine learning methods. Innovative artistic co-productions and new interactive or visual approaches to historical knowledge or art are being created while the management of collections and archives are receiving new impetus. At the same time, work processes are being put to the test, with consequences for skills and quality standards. However, these developments are also leading to fears of being replaced or exploited by technological processes. New strategies are needed here in dealing with the possibilities as well as the limits of artificial intelligence. During this event, we will explore how AI technologies have transformed the museum experience in terms of collecting, cataloguing, and educating. We will address questions concerning a basic understanding of technology, possible strategies, as well as ethical and legal aspects. In a workshop, participants will have the opportunity to expand their knowledge and develop ideas and an active approach to dealing with AI.

Johannes Bernhardt lecturer, University of Konstanz (DE)
Jana Hohlweg freelance consultant for digital work experience (DE)
Oonagh Murphy senior lecturer, Goldsmiths, University of London (UK)
Clemens Neudecker head of data science in the Department of Information and Data Management, Staatsbibliothek zu Berlin – Preußischer Kulturbesitz (Berlin State Library – Prussian Cultural Heritage) (DE)
Tillmann Ohm / Tallinn University (DE/EST)

Organisers of the workshop
Sonja Thiel curator, digital catalyst for artificial intelligence, Badisches Landesmuseum in Karlsruhe (2021-2023) (DE)
Teresa Mocharitsch management team, Museumsakademie, Graz (AT)

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Edited by Sonja Thiel and Johannes C. Bernhardt.