Question? Mark!

Ein partizipatives Projekt im CoSA-Plus


Board for Workers and Employees for Styria, AVL, Energie Steiermark

Curated by:
Nikola Kroath
Timna Pachner with support of the CoSA-mediators

Language: German

In the Project Question : Mark! a wall of the science center is dedicated to the public’s questions about technical and scientific subjects. You can ask the CoSA team: Why do bananas turn brown? How did the dinosaurs became extinct? Will we be traveling in solar-powered planes in the future?

How does it work?
Next time you visit the CoSA, you can write a question on a card and give it tot he CoSA-Team. As a thank you for your question, you can take home an exciting experiment from our ball machine.

To look for the answer to your question, we will consult experts from various scientific fields. In the end the answer to your question will become part of a mural that changes over time.

There is also an area on site where you can draw your own tips and thoughts on scientific and technical topics on the walls and share them with other visitors.

You find this project will also take place online
(Instagram: @joanneumsviertel).

Why is it for?
With this participatory project, the CoSA wants to get in touch with its visitors and find out what is on the public’s mind on a daily basis, concerning scientific and technical subjects.


A project in cooperation with:
University of Graz, Graz University of Technology, Medical University of Graz, Wegener Center for Climate and Global Change, Institute for Space Research, Joanneum Research