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fiber and liquids

A digital exhibition in the "Darknet"

> Kunsthaus Graz

The digital exhibition fiber and liquids assembles numerous artistic positions that explore the complex relationship between marginalised spaces and strategic retreats, between global interconnectedness and its neo-colonial gaps, big data and informal knowledge systems, digital transactions and their local and physical contextualisation. more...

Guided Tours

Guided tours through the State Rooms

21.10.2017 > Schloss Eggenberg

The State rooms have never been modernised nor have they ever been fitted with heating or electric light. Their Baroque splendour has remained unchanged since the eighteenth century and allows for a breathtaking journey back in time. more...

Event, Workshop

Changing Worlds

Globes and Maps in Exhibitions

19.10.-20.10.2017 > Museumsakademie Joanneum

Besides maps and atlases, historical terrestrial and celestial globes depict the way in which time more...