full moon hike 2024

Rene Stessl, Freundschaft - Prijateljstvo (friendship)


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7pm - 11pm


Art in Public Space

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full-moon realm, Marktplatz, 8493 Klöch




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Under the full moon, Erika Lerna leads a hiking group to the art installation Freundschaft – Prijateljstvo (friendship) by René Stessl.




René Stessl, Freundschaft – Prijateljstvo (friendship), 2019


During the Middle Ages, the Kutschenitza was the border between the dukedom Steyer and the kingdom Hungary. With the collapse of the Habsburg monarchy, it became the border between Austria and Yugoslavia. Today, it is the border between Austria and Slovenia.


The artwork Freundschaft – Prijateljstvo (friendship) by René Stessl is located at the border bridge Gerlinci/Klöch and consists of six clamp-like metal elements. It connects the two countries symbolically to counteract them possibly drifting apart and to emphasise similarities between them while respecting their differences.


Thus, as a living part of the installation, the artist plants the wine characteristic for this region. This wine should be grown, harvested, pressed, and enjoyed collectively.


Not as a grand sculpture on a base, but directly placed in the living space, the artwork explores the multifaceted meaning of the border as a concept and as a territorial reality making it the location for fruitful exchange.