Marina Stiegler

wERDEN_Frauenberg 2024

30.08. - 31.12.2024

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30.08. - 31.12.2024


30.08.2024 18:00


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About the

The project Der Frauenberg ruft (the womenmountain is calling) by Marina Stiegler at the Frauenberg in Leibnitz is created in context of the FRAUEN*MÄRZ 2024. The Frauenberg has always been a cult site connected to the female principle and the worship of goddesses.


The temple museum located there is looking after an archaeological heritage which is 6500 years old. It is built on top of the foundations of a roman temple and is close to the pilgrimage church of Saint Maria – ascension into heaven. This unique constellation showcases a cultural continuity of thousands of years, beginning with a Celtic maternal goddess to a roman Isis-Noreia and to a Christian Marian devotion.


During archaeological excavations in the years of 2014 to 2016 17 historic female statuettes were found. They had children sitting on their laps and their faces were removed. The artistic exploration of this destruction and absence of the goddesses’ heads is the starting point for Stieglers installation. It consists of heads made of clay and plant seeds arranged in a circle. Additionally, a ritual art event is planned. It will deal with the never-ending cycle of becoming and expiring and is intended as a deference to the female principle.