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The Middle Ages

In the Middle Ages, art mainly served the glorification of God and the idea of a better life in the afterworld. Numerous panels, statues and stained-glass paintings evoke a radiating world  more...

From Renaissance to Counter Reformation

During the 16th century, the Renaissance also made its entry in the north. Dutch and Flemish artists in particular, as Bartholomäus Spranger, later Emperos Rudolph's court painter in Prague,  more...

New genres in art

In post-medieval times art is not viewd as a craft but as a creative actitity which requires a comprehensive education. Painting thus acqires the same rank as poetry, basing on a saying by  more...

The collector´s cabinet

Landscapes, genre painting and still lifes which hitherto had not been regarded very highly met with a particular esteem among princely or bourgeois collectors in the age of the Baroque. In  more...

About 1800

During the reign of Emperor Joseph II (1780-1790) a rapid output of reforms in the spirit of Enlightenment was enforced, limitating the influence of the Roman Church and her insititutions.  more...

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