Shoemaking, Printing, Falconry - Part 1

Traditions are passed down by word of mouth and practised by one generation after the next. They need to be preserved, but they also need to be developed.

For example, basic manual printing techniques, the information medium of the late Middle Ages, have been passed down to us orally in great detail and thus become an artistic expression in their own right.

As handicrafts of old slowly disappear, only a few small workshops are left to teach the old techniques. And yet these are the very techniques that allow for adaption to the individual wishes of customers.

Alongside handicrafts and trades, old forms of hunting are preserved – the art of using birds to hunt, for example. The “silent hunts” of contemporary falconry are considered a natural situation between the bird and its prey.


A Shoemaker in his Workshop

Giovanni Marco Pitteri (1702‒1786)

The craft of shoemaking is one of the oldest guilds. The shoemaker made new shoes and boots but also repaired old ones. People usually had at most two pairs of shoes – one for summer and one for winter.  more...

The Engraver and the Etcher

Abraham Bosse (1604-1676)

Manual graphic printing, or printmaking, was inscribed as a traditional craftmanship in the Austrian List of Intangible Cultural Heritage in 2021. Early techniques such as woodcut, engraving and etching are still used today and are produced with the same tools as those employed more than 500 years ago.  more...

A Falcon Hunts a Heron

Martin Elias Ridinger (1730‒1780)

Falconry was inscribed for all of Austria in the List of Intangible Cultural Heritage in 2010. It has its origins in a centuries-old tradition which for a long time was the exclusive privilege of the nobility.  more...

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