Semper victor – on the certainty of victory

The will to win defines the image of potentates and military commanders. Books praise their warfare, portraits show them in armour with batons and swords, and even picture frames often display weapons and munitions. 


The heroes of ancient Rome serve as role models, with their triumphal processions and victor’s laurels. Thus ancient motifs also define contemporary depictions and are linked to current visualisations of the enemy, especially given the menace posed by the Ottoman Empire.


Archduke Karl II

Martino Rota

Archduke Karl II (1540–1590), ruler of Inner Austria, today Styria, Carinthia, Carniola, Gorizia as well as parts of Istria und Friuli, played an important role in defending his territories against the Ottomans.  more...

Triumphal Procession of the Romans

Melchior Küsel

The recourse to the ancient triumphal procession alludes to the glorious role of the Habsburgs in defending Vienna against the Ottomans.  more...

Christophorus Baron of Teuffenbach

Dominicus Custos

Hofkriegsrat (Imperial War Councillor) Christoph Baron von Teuffenbach (1545–1598) was extremely important as a general in the so-called Long Turkish War and was dispatched to the Sultan in order to conduct peace negotiations.  more...

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