Trinity Column in Petersgasse in Graz

Johann Veit Kauperz (1741–1815)

Photo:UMJ/N. Lackner

Johann Veit Kauperz (1741–1815)

Trinity Column in Petersgasse in Graz

after Veit Königer


Bottom left: Vit[us] Königer in Form:

Bottom right: Kauperz sc.

Etching on yellow silk

Inv. no. AG.K. 1639

This print of the Holy Trinity Column shows an ensemble of sculptures which is now located in Petersgasse, close to the entrance of St. Peter’s Cemetery in Graz. The sculptures actually stood at Dietrichsteinplatz during the lifetime of the engraver Johann Veit Kauperz. Originally built in 1680 after a horrific plague epidemic in Graz, the group of figures was reconfigured almost a hundred years later, in 1775, by the Baroque sculptor Veit Königer. In 1882, the sculptures were moved to St. Peter's Cemetery.


The four pedestals adjacent to the main column bear the statues of Saints John of Nepomuk, Sebastian, Roch and Franz Xaver. In the centre, we see Saints Florian and Donatus kneeling on the Classicist structure. The midpoint of the towering obelisk features a representation of Maria Immaculata and ends with the Holy Trinity at the top. A relief with St. Rosalia can be seen on the base together with its inscription, which unfortunately is illegible in this print.


Here, 1775 marks the year of construction – and might easily be regarded as the year when the print was created. Prints on silk were made especially for wealthy people and to memorialise special occasions.

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