Discord, strife, war, tussles and scuffles

War with all its horrors has long dominated Europe. Barely one century passes peacefully.


Renaissance and Baroque artists create haunting images around this theme. Their prints also point to man’s sinful qualities – those that cause war – spearheaded by envy. 


In addition to such symbolic scenes we also see real campaigns and battlefields, like the Battle of Zenta, in which Prince Eugene finally defeats the Ottoman army.


Allegory of Envy

Melchior Küsel

In accordance with traditional iconography, the Allegory of Envy is personified by an old, emaciated woman with bare breasts and wriggling snakes in her hair.  more...

Battle near Zenta against the Ottomans, 1697

Joseph von Montalegre

The Battle of Zenta (today’s Senta in Serbia) at the Tisza river on 11 September 1697 is considered to be the Imperial Army’s most important victory against the Ottomans.  more...

Battle between Cavalry and Infantry

Melchior Küsel

The cavalry rushing out of the background carry a flag with the French lily. The infantry bears the so-called “Cross of Burgundy”.  more...

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