The Legend of Rome

The ancient foundations of the Baroque state

The heritage of ancient Rome lives on in the consciousness of Europeans right up to the present day with the architecture, science, language and political system of the "Imperium Romanum" all having significant influence on later societies.


But which role did the "Legend of Rome" play in Europe in the Early Modern Period marked by religious conflicts and the turmoil of war? Why did rulers still pose as Roman emperors even in the eighteenth century? Why are mythological plots and ancient virtues so common between Renaissance times and the Age of Enlightenment?
"The Legend of Rome" gives an insight into the complex interplay between ancient traditions and modern power structures as shown through paintings, graphic art, sculptures and coins. This exhibition concentrates on Eggenberg Palace and the shared humanistic focus of the collections housed there: exhibits from the Alte Galerie, Eggenberg Palace, Archaeology and Coin Cabinet form the basis for this selection, which is complemented by precious items on loan from other museums and private ownership.

Alte Galerie, Schloss Eggenberg

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